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Crazily Annoying X–Bow Mortar Deck For Arena 7+

A news of X–Bow and Mortar buff in Clash Royale June Update. Therefore, embrace yourself, X–Bow & Mortar users are coming in Arena 6+. Please spread out the news and let everyone know about this upcoming tragedy.

Overview: Practically, the buff is merely reducing the deploy time and a slight increase in HP for X–Bow. However, let’s check out this unique deck to explore its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Score yourself with more experience. MYSTLC7 here gives us a very good formation of the deck as following: X–Bow, Mortar, Princess, Skeletons, Mirror, Zap, Goblins, Elixir Collector.

X–Bow Mortar Combo Deck Strategy – Let’s Annoy Them To Hell

Sure you all know why X–Bow & Mortar is annoying. They have a freaking long range that enables them to hit the Towers from afar without even crossing the bridge. The strategy is simple: deploy the Elixir Collector as soon as you get one on your hand, clone it with Mirror if possible and stack the Elixir gauge for setting up the combo.

Now focus on destroying one Tower, put your enemy under incredible stress. Deploy Mortar and X–Bow near together which share only one Tower in their range, Princess will follow a bit behind to defend and complete the combo chain later. There, enjoy watching your enemy gets frustrated to hell. Don’t forget to rotate your cards to continuously deal with the enemy’s responses.

Actually, this deck beside of causing massive disturbance to the enemy, it is still balanced. There are numerous counter approaches to this deck, so you are advised to not be so afraid about the upcoming update.

X–Bow + Mortar Combo Deck Video hopes you find out peace after reading over this X–Bow & Mortar Combo Deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale tactics videos.

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