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Super Tournament Deck For Arena 6+

As an Arena 6 player, this impressive Hog deck help me beat every other Arena 7+ clasher I have encountered during my Tournament.

Overview: Basically this is another Hog cycle deck with the Giant Hog combo as a core, along with cheap support troops. In addition, we will have Furnace which is the best synergy with this deck. This no-Epic-No-Legendary deck costs 3.8 elixir in average, making it very simple to have high level cards. Elixir Pump is a must to cycle through this deck.

A level 7 furnace, it will send level 9 spirits. This hits a level 9 opponent one time for like 150 damage. Anything less isn’t giving you the value you’ll need.

Tournament Deck Offensive Strategy

This deck looks good mainly because it stifles counter pushes before they even have a chance to happen due to all those fire spirits and Fireball, and the Furnace is one of those annoying, underrated cards that can’t be ignored. The main problem with giant/loon, hog/giant, or hog/balloon is the sheer amount of troops your enemy will pile up stopping your push, then convert into a counter-push. This deck addresses that. You will like it for sure.Read more Counter Push Guide.

If Elixir Collector is available on your hand which is the ideal scenario, just place it down. This action would either force your opponent to drop his troops first or try to destroy your Pump ASAP. Also this will allow you to cycle faster.

If not, you can place down Furnace first to prepare for next big push. The basic combo here would be the Giant taking the lead with a Bomber or Goblins behind, assisted by Fire Spirits spawned from Furnace. This combo can be simply countered so do not worry too much, as we need to play reactively with this deck.

If you don’t have both Furnace and Pump, you may want to drop Minions or Goblins in the back.

You should read more about Gameplay Tips to play this Tournament deck.

Tournament Deck Defensive Strategy

You’ll want to protect your Furnace dearly but don’t be afraid to use it as a tank for your tower when need be.

Do not hesitate to use Giant as a decoy, pulling opponent’s troops backward to him. This may result in a successful defense and a quick counter attack. Also, your opponent may fireball/poison your Furnace, and occasionally you’ll want to do that when throwing away your Hog. Don’t drop Fireball alone, it’s a huge waste of elixir.

Keep in mind that you need Pump to cycle a lot and defend properly, or else you cannot keep your Tower with those cheap troops, due to the fact that we do not have any means of truly defensive building.

Air Deck is the nightmare as we only have Minions as a main damage output to this kind of deck. Your best bet is to start pushing the other lane immediately and trade off tower for Elixir benefit, as Air deck needs it a lot.

Tournament Deck Tips

Drop Furnace it right in front of my middle tower, so if he drops something, I still have space for a Pump and if the enemy troops are still alive, they won’t go to the right or left towers. However, don’t ever put your Furnace there if you know your opponent runs Musketeer or Wizard. This play lost the game for me.

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