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Clash Royale Tournament Feature has come to light and after the July update, it has been officially applied. As expected, thousands of tournaments were created in the first day. However, despite the fact that some tournaments do not reach the participants limitation yet, people find it struggle with joining these tours. While waiting for updates from Supercell to solve some issues, has an honor to announce our Tournament for every week!

Daily Tournament

Tournament name: 8th
Status: Ended
Tournament tag:
Preparation: From 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM 5 August 2016 CDT Time – Chicago City, IL, US.
Length: 4h
Prize: x60 cards
Number of players: 150

Notes: We also update Tournament status to help you know (Preparation, Ongoing, Ended). New Tournament tag and Password will be updated on this page. Then I will announce 2 hours before Tournament starts via Twitter and Facebook

For those who cannot join our Tournament, we also offer you a chance to have free gems by commenting and sharing this post!

Weekly Free Gems Giveaway (2500 Gems)

The procedure is very simple, all you need to do is just comment Android (If you are using Android) or iOS (If you are using iOS products). Based on your comment, we will choose a random winner every week based on username on website, and we will send an iTunes Gift Card (for iOS User) or Google Play Gift Card (for Android users). This gift card worths USD $20, which means you can buy 2500 Gems in-game. A Super Magical Chest for free, pretty attractive huh xD.

2nd Week start at 12:00 AM 18th July 2016 CST Time. We will announce the winner on Monday morning at 4:00 AM 25th July 2016 CST Time!

Our winner:
1st Week: Alfred Stephen – alfred.step…[email protected]

As you can see are online now. The more you share among your friends, the bigger the prize is in both events! We are going to hold daily Tournament if we have more than 100 people online in this page. Share this post to test your luck and skills in our Tournament. Good luck xD.