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Top 5 Underrated Cards List – Be Wiser!

Top 5 Underrated Cards List – It is high time to found out the underestimated cards and brought them into light!

So we all love our Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Minion Horde, and of course the infamous Hog Rider. However a lot of cards that aren’t used as nearly as often as these others deserve to be recognized. Let’s take a look at Clash Royale Card List.

1. Rage

Many people consider this card to be useless as it falls behind other spells like Zap, Fireball or even Poison. It cannot offer utilities like Zap, fall behind Poison in terms of offensive style. However, I personally think this is one of the most underrated spells. Drop this spell into your troops and they will be driven crazy, hitting tower like a truck, especially when combines with summoners and hard hitter like Witch or Three Musketeers.

Rage can also be used to defend, as it will increase the spawn rate of troop buildings as well as the AS of Arena Tower.

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2. Mini Pekka

I know that many people use Mini Pekka quite often, but she is underestimated by an amount of players in lower Arena because they think that she can be taken care of by Minions or be distracted by cheap troops. However, this 4 elixir troop can be devastating to your Tower once she can focus on. 400 – 500 damage per hit on tower cannot be ignored in any circumstances. In the video below, the player totally focused on Miner without taking a look on Mini Pekka. The consequence is quite unfavourable for him since his Tower dropped down to 400 HP by ONLY 1 push and 2 HITS from Mini Pekka!

You can see more Mini Pekka Decks here.

3. Fire Spirits

In my opinion, the next underrated card is the Fire Spirits. These 3 little cute balls are very useful in both offensive and defensive situations. Keep in mind that each Spirit deal an equal amount of splash damage compared to the same leveled Wizard, which means you can deal 3 times this damage in a second by sacrificing only 2 elixir! Combining with Hog Rider during a push, they can easily take down a whole group of Barbarians or Minion Horde, and Hog has no trouble in hitting the tower. Check out Hog Fire Spirits Deck now.

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4. Guards

Another underused card has to be the Guards. Their shields do come to handy quite often, especially against hard-hitter like Prince, Sparky or Pekka as they have to hit 2 times in a row to eliminate a single Guard. With the recent buff that remove the knockback effect when shield is broken, they are even more useful. Sometimes we can uitilize them as semi tank to protect Hog/Giant from a few hits and deal extra damage.

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5. Furnace

I would like to mention the Fire Spirits again, yet in a different way. This is the Furnace, constantly pumping out 2 Fire Spirits at once. These Spirits are helpful in many cases, particularly when you have Royal Giant/Giant/Hog or just any of this kind of troop. These Spirits will come out the Furnace and take the defensive units out with their splash damage.

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Top 5 underrated cards Video hopes you enjoy exploring the Top 5 underrated cards list. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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