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How To Get Legendary Cards?

Pure of fortune or Pocket full of money to get a Legendary? Test your luck to find out if you can win a Legendary card from a free chest!

Clash Royale players usually come up with a question of what is the cheapest way to earn the rarest card in game. Here are some tips I would recommend you to follow:

1. Get Legendary From Buying from Market

Getting them from market is the most affordable way ever. Legendary cards are only available for sale from Arena 8 (After July update is Arena 9), and you can purchase one for a cost of 40k golds, being equivalent to about 2000 gems. This is absolutely incredible as it is almost half the price compared to the option of buying a Super Magical Chest that I will mention later. Also you can wait for the right card you wish to buy, since card list will be refreshed every 24 hour. Check out Which Legendary Should I Buy.

2. Using gems to buy Super Magical Chest

Technically, this is way too luxurious in terms of getting a single card, as you need 4600 gems to own a chest with only approximately 40% chance of earning a Legendary. Let’s make a calculation here: If you own 3 chests in a row, you will likely to have 22% chance of failing to get a Legendary card. High risk, high reward!

However, you do not need to wait for the right card compared to the first method, and this is an excellent replacement for those who are abundant in money. In addition, buying those chests will give you numerous common and rare cards, allowing you to upgrade your deck further.

3. Test your pure luck

Testing your luck in Clash Royale may be a big bet if you are blessed by the God. I have seen a player receiving an Ice Wizard from a god damn free chest! Actually, from Arena 4, every chest in Clash Royale have a chance to win a Legendary, yet a very tiny figure. These rate increases whenever you move up to the higher Arena. Therefore, your best bet is to try your best to claim trophies as much as possible to move up in Arenas and open every chest you have. May luck be with you :D.

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