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Solid The Log Rider Cycle Deck

Alongside Lumberjack, The Log is a Legendary introduced in the July patch, and can be unlocked at Arena 6. In this guide I will show you another Hog Cycle deck including The Log + Hog combo!

Overview: Including Hog, and The Log as a Legendary, this Hog Cycle deck has only average elixir cost of 3.6. The Log is now quite underrated, but I can guarantee that this card is insanely good if being used properly. With the common strategy of cycle deck by cycling fast around different cards and gain elixir advantage, this Hog + The Log deck would be painful for those trying to defend against this combo. Now let’s see the deck’s strategy.

Hog + The Log Deck Offensive Strategy

Placing Elixir Pump whenever possible. This deck archetype needs Pump to be able to cycle faster. It would be perfect to have it on the starting hand. If not, you can perform small push like Hog + Musketeer (8 elixir), Hog + The Log (6 elixir), Hog + Poison (8 elixir) to put some pressure on opponent. However, do not overspend on your push. Your main goal is not to take your opponent out at early game but to know what they are using to deal with your push.

Remember, adapt the situation! Against multiple decks you must apply different strategies to take over advantages. For example, if your opponent always aggro your Hog by his defensive building, or Barbarian, you should bait them out by forcing him to use them first.

The double elixir period is your time to shine! By that time you should have at least 1 Pump to do a big push. Our big combo would be Valkyrie at the front, followed by Hog and Musketeer, along with The Log to clear swarm troops and Princess. You can drop Poison if your elixir is sufficient.

Read more common beginner mistakes to know how to play this combo.

Hog + The Log Deck Defensive Strategy

Our defensive cores: Valkyrie, The Log, Cannon, Musketeer.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck, you should drop Cannon in the middle sweet spot to lure their tanks, then deploy Musketeer and Valkyrie to pick it off. Otherwise, you can do the double lane pressure technique to force your opponent to defend, thus their tanks cannot receive backup further.

Spawner deck: Would be a bit tricky for our deck to deal with Spawner. Our Hog will constantly head toward the Hut while the spawned troops will crush him. Luckily, we can solve this issue by dropping Poison on both Hut and Arena Tower. The spawned troops will be damaged as well and we have positive elixir trade. Meanwhile, you can send Hog to the other lane along with Musketeer as they will run out of elixir after placing Hut.

PPP deck – Against this heavy deck, it is very important to separate whenever you can or take care of splasher before dealing with main guy. Push the other lane to force your opponent defend, read more PPP Counter Guide to deal with the P.E.K.K.A and Double Prince.

Hog cycle deck – Against an alone Hog you can simply use a Cannon in the center sweet spot to kite him, and let the Arena Towers finish him off. If your opponent send out small combos including Hog, Zap or Valkyrie is a good choice.

Air-Beatdown – We can’t do much against this archetype of deck. Just drop Musketeer to snipe off those air units, Cannon to aggro them and perform the double 1 lane pressure technique by Hog + Log + Valkyrie combo to put pressure on your opponent.

Control deck – Hard counter against our deck, as they can defend effectively against our combos and immediately counter-attack with cards like Miner or Goblin Barrel. You should play safe and wait until the double elixir time to execute really big combo, as well as have sufficient elixir to defend properly.

Read archetype of deck for more details.

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