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Split Defense Technique – How To Defend Properly

Split defense is one of the most useful technique in Clash Royale. This strategy can be executed with any cards including more than 1 troop. In this guide I will show some useful positioning tips for you guys.

What is Split Defense?

Basically, it is only about the spot that you drop the multiple units card. It would be the fifth tile from the left lane to the right, in other words, 4 tiles away from left and 5 tiles from the right. This will cause units to split into opposite lanes.

When units are separated from each other, they will be less vulnerable to splank, allowing them to survive longer than usual. Also the splitted units can aggro enemies to force them to travel farther and serve as a distraction, so Arena Tower will have more time to deal damage. Both Towers can target enemy troops as well, as they remain in range of both towers for a long period of time.

Possible units to use this trick: Archers, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Fire Spirit, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards, Three Musketeers.

When to use Split Defense?

Against heavy decks and high DPS units (PPP, Double Prince, Baby Dragon, Pekka, Mini Pekka). We want to trade off and gain elixir advantage when using this trick against them or else our troops will be crushed into pieces.

You want to make a 1 lane pressure, but your opponent sends out too many units that you cannot handle it. split is the key here since you can pull enemy troops into both Towers range to kill them.

Split Defense Tips

  • Archers are the easiest units to perform this trick, as their average movement speed and moderate damage/HP make them be able to aggro and take damage from enemies.
  • Flying units can be pulled far away from Towers by using troops that cannot target air units such as Goblins, Skeletons….
  • When a Splank cross a bridge, you can deploy Archers in the middle center, so the second Archer will wander off for a moment, then engage in that Spank unit a moment later. As a result, the splash damage cannot affect both units as they are far away from each other.
  • If offensive units are faster than our defensive units, it will be even simpler for us to aggro. In contrast, Spear Goblins are much harder to do this trick due to their fast movement speed.
  • Archers can withstand an Arrow or Zap, while Spear Goblins can’t. Keep that in mind to counter those players who always plan to use Zap.

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