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Sparky + Royal Giant Deck – The Tower Hunters!

Royal Giant is still a cancer in this meta, and thus many Clashers build decks focusing around this core. Royal Giant + Sparky is a combo worth mentioning here as it is very popular among Arena 7+. Let’s take a look!

Overview: This deck is quite straightforward with only Sparky as a Legendary and Elixir Collector as a Rare card. Others have the rarity of Common, thus very easy to upgrade. Beside the Royal Giant + Sparky combo on offense, we have really solid defense power with Barbarians, Fire Spirits, Spear Gobs, Cannon and Arrows. Although the average elixir is pretty high which is 4.0, the Pump would solve this issue with no struggling. Check out A Comprehensive Guide To Using Sparky to know more.

Sparky + Royal Giant Deck Offensive Strategy

Main combos: Royal Giant + Sparky, Sparky + Fire Spirits, Royal Giant + Fire Spirits
Basically our wombo combo requires 12 elixir and yet being heavily countered by any sort of swarm troops, especially Minion Horde. Therefore, our main strategy is to play safe and defensively, place Pump first and make counter-attack with the Sparky + Royal Giant whenever your opponent is out of horde.

It would be best if you have Pump in the starting hand. Place it whenever possible to ensure our resource as this combo needs lots of elixir. Start with your cheap troops such as Spear Goblins to know which cards they have. In case you have Pump in the early stage, you can drop a solo Royal Giant on the other lane to put pressure and snipe off moderate HP from your enemy.

Being defensive is the key as our defense cores are tough against most deck archetypes. After a successful defense, start a counter-attack with the aforementioned combos based on the situation. It is ideal if you have the Royal Giant + Sparky + Fire Spirits simultaneously. This combo is very powerful and much harder to counter compared to the RG + Sparky only, as the Fire Spirits will clear away Skeletons, Minion Horde or Goblins really fast, while the Royal Giant is beefy enough to tank damage for Sparky, even against the uprising Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Arrows is of great essential to support our push. Single Fire Spirits is not enough as your opponent may have backup troops to distract Sparky. Whenever Sparky reaches the bridge, try to pre-arrow opponent’s horde in case you don’t have Fire Spirits available.

Double elixir period is your time to shine. Place Pump whenever available, and then perform the big push as mentioned. Support it further with Barbarians and Spear Goblins as they must defend against our devastating damage output.

Sparky + Royal Giant Deck Defensive Strategy

Defensive cores: Barbarians, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins and Cannon.

Tank-Beatdown deck – Drop Cannon in the middle sweet spot, then throw in Barbarians to take care of the tank.

Spawner deck – Definitely your worst counter, since the infinite spawners from these damn huts will delay your Sparky like hell, and your Royal Giant will lock on these huts first rather than the Arena Towers. It is best to immediately push the other lane with our big combo after huts are placed, as they will be left behind in elixir and cannot defend properly. Prepare your Arrows to deal with Horde.

PPP deck – Ez! Sparky can take out the dual Prince, and even P.E.K.K.A easily with 1 hit. Just kite the other 2 with the Spear Goblins. You can also use the split defense technique on Spear Goblins, and double 1 lane pressure with the aforementioned combos.

Hog cycle deck – Against an alone Hog you can simply use a Cannon in the center sweet spot to kite him, and let the Arena Towers finish him off. If your opponent send out small combos including Hog, use Barbarians to take care of.

Air-Beatdown – We can’t do much against this archetype of deck. Just drop Archers to snipe off those air units and perform the double 1 lane pressure technique by our RG + Sparky combo to put pressure on your opponent.

Control deck – Hard counter against our deck, as they can defend effectively against our combos and immediately counter-attack with cards like Miner or Goblin Barrel. You should play safe and wait until the double elixir time to execute really big combo, as well as have sufficient elixir to defend properly.

For those who have no idea what these terminologies mean, read this guide for more details.

Sparky + Royal Giant Deck Tips

Pump’s position is very crucial. Experienced players will always try to aim that building if possible. Normally they would use Miner, the Log or Poison to take it out and deal chip damage to your Arena Tower as well. Against Miner, you should drop your Pump between the Arena Towers, as their Miner will be targeted by both Towers. The same rule is applied for Poison. On the other hand, against player having The Log, you should place it behind the Arena Tower to avoid being hit.

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