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Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin Barrel Deck – Unexpected Tower’s Death!

Since the buff in elixir cost, Furnace and Goblin Barrel have made their ways back to the meta along with Royal Giant and being very popular now in Clash Royale. In this guide I will show you the proper way to use this Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin Barrel combo!

Overview: With only Elixir Pump and Furnace as the 2 Rare cards and Barrel as the Epic one, this 6-common-card-slot deck has an average elixir cost of 3.8 which is quite low for a Royal Giant deck. With the deadly combination of the aforementioned combo, your opponent will have to put themselves in alert in every moment!

Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin Barrel Deck Offensive Strategy

Instead of having a specific combo, your winning condition is alone Royal Giant or Goblin Barrel, depending on the situation . The process of playing this deck can be categorized into these steps:

  • Step 1: Place down Pump (If possible, otherwise just skip it)\
  • Step 2: Defend effectively and trade for positive elixir
  • Step 3: Set up Furnace
  • Step 4: Get to know your opponent’s cards and plan your attack. During this phase try to place down at least 1 pump to gain some elixir advantage, as well as perform combo easier.
  • Step 5: Drop down your Golem!
  • Step 6: Support it with some troops, and make sure to have sufficient elixir to cast Poison.
  • Step 7: Cycle the step 5 and 6 and drop another Pump/Furnace if needed.

Minion Horde and Barbarians are the hardest counter to our dear RG. Fortunately, our Fire Spirits spawned from Furnace can take Horde out when combined with Zap, and our Barbarians can also take out their brothers quickly. In case your opponent use high damage unit such as Mini P.E.K.K.A or P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians can solve the problem with no mercy!

Furnace is the most important core in this deck as it provides solid kamikaze units on both offense and defense, so make sure that you have placed Furnace first before doing some aggressive push with Royal Giant or Goblin Barrel. Be wary on using Barrel, as Zap and Arrows counter it hard, so you must bait out those spells first before making use of Barrel.

Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin Barrel Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Furnace.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck, Furnace can lure their Tank while dealing chip damage with Fire Spirits, and you can do the double 1 lane pressure by dropping Barrel on the other side at the same time to put pressure on them.

Spawner deck – Once they drop their Hut, immediately counter push with your Royal Giant + Goblin Barrel on the other lane as they won’t have sufficient elixir to counter.

PPP deck – Against those threat you must aggro them as much as possible. Use Spear Goblins to distract them with split defense technique, while placing Barbarians to deal significant damage to them. Always have Furnace ready on your hand.

Hog cycle/Hog Trifecta deck – Not a problem since Hog will be aggroed by our Furnace, be constantly damaged by Furnace and Barbarians can get rid of him

Air-Beatdown – Against this archetype of deck, performing the double 1 lane pressure with your Royal Giant on the opposite side to force opponent to split his troops on defense, and Furnace is our best option here to lure these air units.

You can check out some common Terminologies for more details about aforementioned decks.

Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin Barrel Deck Tips

Pump is of great importance in this deck since it provides abundant elixir, allowing us to cycle through the deck faster. Timing of placing this structure is crucial as it costs 5 elixir, and opponent can take it as an advantage, executing immediate push afterward. Therefore, the best time to place a Pump is after you have made a positive elixir trade (e.g. successful defense by Zap against their Minion Horde)

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