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OP Royal Giant + Bowler Combo – Rolling Stones FTW

Our brand new Epic card has made a debut on July 4th, and many Clashers still struggle with finding strategy for this big pink guy. Today I will show you an amazing combo including Royal Giant + Bowler synergy. Take a look!

After revealing the Bowler, I was obsessed with finding out the right strategy for this card. Fortunately, this combo comes to my mind after some suggestions on Reddit, I tested it out and it is amazing! Below I will give you some offensive game plans as well as defensive strategies against Counters of this combo.

Note: Your Bowler should be at least level 3 to maximize the potential.


Royal Giant + Bowler Combo Offensive Strategy

  1. The ideal situation here is that you have Pump available at the beginning of the match. Place it down to gain elixir advantage as you will need to cycle through this deck a lot. Do not be afraid of opponent’s push as your defensive troops are very cheap (Double Spirits plus Cannon and Witch). It is recommended that you should always have at least 1 pump at once to ensure your elixir resource, as the RG + Bowler combo costs 12 elixir.
  2. If you do not have a Pump, you can start your push by dropping Bowler at the bottom, wait for the regen elixir and place down Royal Giant just BEHIND Bowler. The reason for this is because Bowler can constantly push back troops focusing on him, and he is a mini tank for Royal Giant, which synergizes perfectly with RG. He can freely hit on enemy’s tower.
  3. Sometimes opponent will place down a building to distract both units. Place down Ice Spirit behind is a good choice as it only costs 1 elixir, while freezing defensive troops or buildings to make our big guys have extra hits.
  4. You should bait your opponent to place his buildings first in order to avoid being distracted. Sometimes you can drop down Witch to force your opponent to place building. In that case, dropping an extra Elixir Collector is your best choice.
  5. In the x2 period, you can consider to place Witch behind Bowler, as the spawned Skeletons are super helpful to distract enemies, especially Sparky!
    Fire Spirits can be used to eliminate swarm troops like Minion Horde, a hard counter against our combo! Zap + Fire Spirits can easily wipe out Barbarians.

Royal Giant + Bowler Combo Defensive Strategy

  1. Air units (Minion Horde, Minions): Bowler cannot target air units! However we can use Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit to eliminate them. Use Zap if necessary.
  2. Air decks (Lavaloon): Basically we need to place Cannon to lure Balloon to the middle, then use Ice Spirit to freeze it. 2 seconds is enough to take it down without losing too much HP on Arena Tower.
  3. Sparky: Worst enemy against our combo! A single shot from her and we are doomed. Our best bet is to place Ice Spirit to freeze her ASAP, then use Zap to reset her charging time.
  4. Big units (Prince, Pekka): Since they can’t be pushed back by Bowler, Zap is the viable option here. Also you can use Skeletons spawned from Witch to distract them. Ice Spirit is the best counter here.
  5. Freeze spell: Cannot counter lol xD.

Royal Giant + Bowler combo Video

Take a look at a real battle utilizing this awesome combo. Note that he use different support cards from me, yet basically the same strategy. hopes you enjoy exploring the Royal Giant + Bowler combo guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this combo guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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