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How To Play 2 Accounts On iOS / Android

I’m trying to play via multiple Google Play or iOS accounts on CR so that I am able to play one while waiting on chests on the other. So how to play 2 clash royale account on 1 devide?

Keep in mind that

  • Android using Google ID to manage Clash Royale accounts.
  • Apple using Apple ID (or Game Center Account) to manage Clash Royale accounts.
  • We have a video in the end of this Tutorial

1. Play Clash Royale 2 different accounts on iOS

Step 1: Open app Game Center, then go to the tab Games and see if Clash Royale is in the Games tab, along with game achievements. If so, your current account is already connected with your Game Center ID.

Step 2: Go to Settings → Game Center → Click on your Game Center ID and choose Sign Out.

Step 3: After Signing Out from your current account, enter ID and Password of the second account you wish to play. A Game Center ID is needed for every Clash Royale account in order to save the progress and load them whenever you want. After signing in with the new account, open game and start playing with the new one.

Step 4: The game will ask you to load the other game account after switching the Game Center ID. If it doesn’t ask you to load the second one, you should restart your device, open app Game Center, choose Clash Royale and then open game via Game Center.

Tutorial Video

2. Play clash royale 2 different accounts on android

Step 1: Much simpler than its counterpart, all you need to do in Android is to open Settings -> Accounts -> Add Accounts -> Google.

Step 2: Open game, go to Settings menu in game and double tap on the green Connected button in order to load your new account from a list of Google ID. If you can’t load the new account after switching to it, make sure you are using the latest Google Play Services Version. If it still doesn’t work after updating all of your Google Services, you should remove all of your Google Accounts and try to re-add them.

Other way: it’s easier to download the app Parallel Space and it lets you download another clash Royale.

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