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Dangerous Pekka Double Prince Combo Deck In Arena 8

Decks with no legendary cards seem very attractive to Clash Royale players. The newest No Legendary Decks – Dangerous Pekka Double Prince Combo won let you down.

Don’t be too afraid of this powerful deck to let your friends know and to spread the news for increasing your fame with this unique Deck guide.

Overview: Newest Deck Strategy from ASH brings us to a whole new vision from the current mainstream. This deck with Pekka and the double Princes formation expects to deliver a new stunning experience yet efficient in a brutal way. Once again, no legendary required (Elixir appreciates).

Pekka Double Prince Combo Deck Strategy

Let’s get through the basic formation: Pekka, Prince, Dark Prince, Fire Spirits, Archers, Fireball, Elixir Collector, Minions. Practically, this deck is just like a less Elixir consuming version of the other Pekka + Double Princes Deck which should include Ice Wizard and Princess for maximum performance. However, Pekka and Prince just got a big buff so our modified version deck will be dangerous as hell.

Now what you should do is to deploy the Elixir Collector as soon as you got one. Stack your Elixir continuously, then prepare to crush your enemy brutally with the Pekka and Double Princes combo. Because it is a ridiculously powerful combination. Annihilation foreseen. Or you can just simply send out Prince with Fire Spirits at once to severely damage the enemy’s Tower.

This deck is really dangerous at Arena 7 and 8 because of the ridiculously powerful combination of Pekka and Double Princes. Each card scores themselves a great amount damage per hit and considerable tanky ability. This Deck could be countered easily with disable Spells and swarm troops distraction. Still, in the current meta, it is dangerous yet unexpectable.

Pekka Double Prince Combo Deck Video From Ash

Other PPP Deck Video From TBOT hopes you enjoy the brutality with this Arena 8 Pekka Double Princes No Legendary Deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment and Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale tactics videos.

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