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Most Popular Decks In June Season – Meta Analysis

Hi guys! I have summarized the most recent Season, and here is the Meta Analysis used by the top 100 players in Legendary Arena. This report has 2 individual part: Most popular decks and most used cards.

Most Popular Decks in professional scenario

1. Hog + Poison deck: 15 uses

Also called “hog trifecta clash royale” – Probably one of the most accessible deck to any players, and also very effective with the ever strong core of Hog Rider + Valkyrie + Musketeer. It seems Poison has replaced Freeze due to the Freeze nerf in last patch.

2. Miner + Mini Pekka deck: 13 uses

Miner is our shining star in this second most common deck. With an extremely strong defensive core of Cannon, Mini Pekka and Minion Horde, this deck is able to permanently keep placing Elixir Pump, while taking out the opponents with Miner and Zap. With Princess to bait arrows, and Miner to save a zapped Minion Horde or a damaged Mini Pekka, this is an insane deck to face with.

3. Lightning Hog Zap deck: 12 uses

Our third most common deck with the powerful Minion Horde + Princess combo to lure arrows, this deck includes Hog Rider instead of Miner to go through opponent’s defensive units, focusing on getting the Hog to the Tower, and cycling to it ASAP, using cheap counters such as Cannon, Skeletons, Goblins, and Princess as cheap spammable defensive troops.

4. Golem + Mini Pekka deck: 7 uses

With the recent hit points buff, the Golem has made a huge comeback in the Meta coming in at the fourth place. This deck relies on the potential of strong defensive counter to place down Elixir Collectors at the beginning of the match, enabling the late game scenario with Golems running down the lane with the Poison to neutralize counters such as Minion Horde. The effectiveness of this deck is a reflection of how inferno tower has fallen out of use in the current meta, as it is perhaps the best counter to this deck. This deck truly shows the capability of Mini Pekka without being fired by tower which is very destructive, along with support from Princess to make it impossible to distract.

5. Miner + Mini Pekka + Minions: 4 uses

This deck is a doppelganger of our second place, however with Minions instead of Spear Goblins. The advantage of minions over spear goblins is that Zap barely kill them unless it has higher level. Furthermore, Minions cannot be targeted by ground troops such as Skeletons, Valkyrie, or Mini Pekka, with the cost of being unable to distract these troops on defence, making both equally effective choices for the deck.

Individual Card Usage in pro scenario

40%+ usage

  • Cannon: 79%
  • Elixir Collector: 69%
  • Zap: 65%
  • Princess: 61%
  • Skeletons: 54%
  • Mini Pekka: 49%
  • Hog Rider: 41%
  • Poison: 40%

Interestingly the two top cards in the game, are also the most heavily nerfed. Cannon and the Elixir Collector are too good to be dropped from your deck. The Elixir Collector has too much utility to be eliminated from your deck, refusing to leave the meta. In terms of the Cannon, at 3 elixir this card will stay at the top until other buildings prove their extra elixir cost worth it.

Zap is the most used spell. Cheap at 2 elixir, for cycling and killing swarm, a great support to cards such as Mini Pekka and Hog Rider, and the ability to soft counter Minion Horde, it is no doubt this card is as popular as it is. The Princess again just offers too much amount of utility. Portable splash damage is priceless, and its ability to lure opposing direct damage it even more so when used in combination with cards such as minion horde.

Skeletons continue to prove their defensive versatility while remaining perfectly balanced at one elixir. Mini Pekka is the largest change in this group, experiencing a massive increase in usage since the last balance patch. With its ability to counter the hog rider, its incredible strength when combined with tanks such as miner and golem, it has become the top push card in the meta.

Just behind the Mini Pekka in terms of usage is the Hog Rider. This card by this point needs no explanation. With its high speed, good damage output, decent health, and focus on buildings it serves as the foundation of decks in terms of pushes and is the reason for the high cannon and Mini Pekka use. Another big surprise is the Poison‘s surge in popularity, effectively taking the Freeze‘s place in the meta, while also serving somewhat same functions of arrows.

39%-20% usage

  • Minions: 36%
  • Minion Horde: 35%
  • Miner: 34%
  • Goblins: 28%
  • Musketeer: 24%
  • Spear Goblins: 20%
  • Valkyrie: 20%

Minions and Minion Horde are at the top of this list, being used for their ability to counter powerful ground pushes and take out air troops. Miner is the 11th most used card, mainly for its ability to take out the Elixir Collector, while also serving as a mobility tank for troops. The green mean killling machines are as useful as ever in both its forms with goblins being slightly more used in hog decks, and spear gobs more in miner decks which explains their respective usages.

Musketeer is the strongest ranged troops beating out beefy units for its lower cost, while also taking out dangerous air troops that threaten so many decks. Finally, the Valkyrie can serve as a fantastic splank on defence, that can also be pushed by a hog to aid in the push against counters such as barbarians, goblins and skeletons. hopes you enjoy the June season most popular decks list. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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