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Mortar Payfecta Deck By Woody – A Super Magical Cup Champion!

Hello guys! Today I will show you a Tournament Mortar deck from Woody – One of the top players in Clash Royale currently. This Siege-Burn archetype allowed him to navigated above the 4K trophy mark and to the top of the 800-player Super Magical Cup tournament.

Overview: This Mortar deck is basically a Payfecta deck with the presence of triple Legendaries: Princess, Miner and Ice Wizard. Only 3.4 in average elixir cost, provided that this is a pretty cheap deck with OP cards. We also have Minion Horde, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Tombstone and Zap to form this Tournament deck. As I said in the title, this deck is only for pro players and those who have 3 Legendaries!

To make this deck more accessible to other Clashers, I would make some replacements for those Legendaries: Archers instead of Princess, Fire Spirit instead of Ice Wizard, and Goblin Barrel instead of Miner.

Woody Mortar Deck Strategy

Mortar is primarily used offensively. The positioning of Mortar is utmost important. It MUST BE deployed right here (or in the same position mirrored on the left side). Keep in mind that it is 1 TILE below the bridge and in the right side of the lane road. With this position Mortar can be kept in range of the enemy tower, while minimizing distractions from your opponent and allowing you to defend the Mortar properly. Mortar is best supported by either Ice Wizard or Princess

In addition, Mortar also serves as a distraction to enemy troops by placing it directly on the river in the center of the arena. While Mortar can aggro troops toward, it can take several shots on the enemy tower.

The overall tactic of this siege-burn deck is to utilize elixir-positive trades on defense to deploy a deadly Mortar (siege) or to send out a massive counter-attack (burn). It would be best to bait out your opponent with your low elixir troop first (Ice Wizard, Princess). Afterward, defend effectively with your Mini P.E.K.K.A, Ice Wizard, Tombstone and Zap. Against Tank-Beatdown deck, they make a great combination: Ice Wizard to slow the tank down, Mini P.E.K.K.A to eliminate it and Tombstone to distract.

Keep trade off for positive elixir in every defense attempt and then go for a surprise attack as mentioned. It can be either placing Miner as a mini Tank followed by the support troops, or placing an offensive Mortar to snipe off the Tower. Keep this cycle over and over again until their Tower is down.

Woody Mortar Deck Tips

Miner is a versatile attacker perfect at destroying an Elixir Collector or Princess, while serving as a mini Tank for counterattacking Minion Horde or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

On defense, deploy her right next to the target to ensure she can hit. She is the best single-card response to Royal Giant and Hog Rider, both of which rare significant threat to Mortar. When supported by Ice Wizard, Princess, or Zap, she can even tear through a group of Barbarians. On the other hand, Mini P.E.K.K.A is insanely dangerous when paired with the Miner.

Princess is an OP troop on both defense and offense. Deploy her reactively to pick off slower units crossing toward your side or drop her directly in the bridge to secure some chip damage on the enemy tower. She should very rarely be played behind your towers, as this gives your opponent the chance to snipe her with a Princess of their own or drop Arrows/Poison to take her out while dealing damage to your tower.

Zap is a highly situational card. On defense, Zap should be used to kill a Goblin Barrel or reset a Sparky, or zap enemies to prevent enemies from making a hit.

Mortar can be played purely defensively in the center of the arena where you may otherwise place a Cannon or Tesla. This deployment may be necessary to handle massive beatdown decks that rely on Three Musketeers as their win condition.

Woody Mortar Deck Video

Another version of this deck including only Princess as a Legendary, Woody replaced the other 2 with Cannon and Inferno Tower! hopes you enjoy exploring the Tournament Mortar Deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this combo guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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