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Mortar Goblin Barrel Deck – Let’s Overwhelm Them To Death

Mortar Goblin Barrel deck was originally created for players who lacks of legendary cards and this is quite different from the common HoVaMu deck. It helps me got 2800+ trophies and 4th in my tournament. I’m Zerovirusity from PINOY 69ERS clan.

Overview: The advantages of GobBMor deck (Goblin Barrel + Mortar) have both offensive and defensive skills. The player using this deck can switch from offensive to defensive strategy or vice versa depending on your opponent’s deck.

1. Deck List And Ideal Level

Units Idea Level
Goblin Barrel  3/4
Fireball  6/7
Tombstone  6/7
Mortar  8/9
Barbarians  8/9
Arrows  8/9
Bomber  8/9

2. Mortar Goblin Barrel Strategy

I categorized the role of the cards in 3 parts: Offensive (Off), Defensive (Def) and Distraction (Dis).

  • Mortar (Off) This is my main offensive card. I usually drop this card if my elixir is full and have barbarians, minion horde or fireball as my next cards.
  • Goblin Barrel (Dis) I use this card to trigger the opponent’s some of his/her cards (arrows/zap). When it triggered, this is how my minion horde play along with my goblin barrel.
  • Fireball (Off/Def) This card use by me in both offensive and defensive category. Offensive in terms of situation if your opponent’s tower HP is less than 200 in the last seconds of the battle. Defensive purposes if there are massive troops deployed like Wiz / Barbarians / Witch / Minion Horde etc. But I usually drop the fireball on 3 musketeers since this card is a threat when it closes to your tower.
  • Arrows (Def) One of the cards I used for defensive purposes most especially in minion horde, group of goblins, skeleton army and to counter goblin barrel. Sometimes I used arrows together with fireball to destroy opponent’s tower.
  • Minion Horde (Def/Dis) The main purpose of this card is to defend the mortar when it deployed in the center but it can also use to distract your opponent’s strategy when they countered your minion horde by their zap/arrow. This is the right time to deploy your goblin barrel for your counter attack.
  • Tombstone (Def) This maybe not so useful for others but for me this is one of my important cards in this deck. I always use this to counter hogs even prince and dark prince’s attacks, drawn giants, royal giants, giant skeleton, barbarians, goblins and minions’ attention. But later, I discovered that this card is also an effective counter attack on sparky. Just deploy the tombstone near the sparky and when it destroyed, the skeletons will attack the sparky. Take note that your opponent can counter this also to save their sparky. If this happened, use bomber as your back up.
  • Barbarians (Def) Like minion horde, I used barbarians to defend the mortar. Its also useful to destroy giants, royal giants, wizards and musketeers.
  • Bomber (Def) My back up card in defense to help and destroy troops that were caught attention by the tombstone or deployed at the back of barbarians to help defend the mortar.

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