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Miner + Furnace Deck – Slowly Burn Their Tower Into Ashes!

Tempo-burn deck which dealing chip damage on enemy’s Arena Tower is now the preference of many top players in Clash Royale. This Miner + Furnace combo is the best example for this deck archetype.

Overview: We have a pretty balanced deck with Miner and Furnace as the 2 main cores, along with Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer which excel in both offense and defense. Additionally, Guards and Spear Goblins provide cheap but effective means of defense. To make this deck be a cycle-burn tool, I have added the infamous Poison to maximize the effectiveness. Meanwhile, Zap is the standard spell in any decks currently. I personally believe that this is the standard deck for Miner + Furnace combo, adding Princess or Ice Wizard will make it weaker since these cards cannot provide fast pace gaming.

Miner + Furnace Deck Offensive Strategy

Tempo-burn deck has no specific combo to be honest. Instead, we send out troops being able to deal chip damage on Tower, while keeping our Tower safe from enemies. Basically, you have to place Furnace first, then dropping various troops depends on the situation or cards on your hand. They can be Furnace + Mini Pekka/Musk, Spear Goblins + Mini Pekka/Musk
Spear Goblins + Fire Spirits, along with Poison if necessary.

The ultimate goal of this deck is to burn away their Tower, defend against opponent’s push, counter attack and deal some chip damage on Tower, then repeat this cycle again and again and maintain the tempo and the chip damage pace. You will want to protect your Furnace dearly, but do not be afraid to use it as a tank if you need to. This is a cycle-burn deck and the name of the game is to chip more damage than your opponent. Stop damage to your towers as much as possible.

This deck is quite versatile that it does not have certain counter. I would pick Hog Cycle deck/Hog Trifecta as the best counter as their Hog combo would definitely destroy our Furnace, making the burning potential less effective. Also, Princess is the primary threat to your furnace. Your choice is to either Poison, Miner, or Musketeer it. My advice is that you should sometimes sacrifice some health on Arena Tower and keep your burning momentum back in game, I mean, momentum control.

Miner + Furnace Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Guards, Spear Goblins, Furnace, Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck, we should place Furnace in the upper middle zone to lure the Tank. Use Musketeer and cheap troops to tackle with the Tank, while deploying Mini P.E.K.K.A behind their Tank to take down the dangerous supporting troops as fast as possible, such as Ice Wizard or Musketeer.

Against Hog Riders/Hog cycle deck/Hog Trifecta: Furnace can aggro the Hog, and place down Mini P.E.K.K.A to finish him off. You can use Guards or Spear Goblins to distract the supporting troops behind.

Royal Giants: Dropping Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer to get rid of him quickly, then perform a counter attack utilizing them with Miner and/or Poison.

Payfecta deck (or at least 2 Legendaries out of those 3): When you see a coming Miner, drop Spear Goblins to the outer side/behind of the Arena Tower to distract the Miner. Musketeer is a great response to all 3 of the Payfecta legendaries. This card should be the standard response to Ice Wizard and Princess in this deck.

Three Musketeers: Your primary defense against Three Musketeers is Poison + Zap. If you anticipate Three Musketeers, save your Poison for TM. Try to capture the tank inside Poison too.

Giant Sparky/Royal Giant Sparky: Furnace to lure the Royal Giant/Giant, use Musketeer and cheap troops to deal with Royal Giant, while you can use Guards to tank a shot from Sparky because of their shields. More importantly, drop Poison to slow down and lower their health which is very useful.

Giant Balloon/LavaLoon: Place Furnace to distract those units, use Musketeer behind to kill the Balloon and Mini P.E.K.K.A to take care of Giant. Consider to use Poison if necessary.

Spawners: deploy Guards on the front to tank damage, and Musketeer behind to push. You can drop Miner to distract the Tower. Use Poison on both Huts and Towers.

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Miner + Furnace Deck Tips

Read our How to use Zap guide to see some advanced tips on this versatile spell.

Poison is not only our main source of damage output on Tower, but also a great tool on defending. On offense, try to hit as many units as you can, or to eliminate dangerous threats (e.g. use Poison on both Princess and Arena Tower to eliminate her and deal chip damage on Tower). On defense, it is best to use it for slowing down a Beatdown push such as Giant + Witch.

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