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3 Miner Decks – No Hog And Legendary Cards!

Can someone please recommend a good Miner cycle deck WITHOUT Hog, No legendary card please?

Miner can be considered to be one of the most versatile card in Clash Royale, serving various roles without struggling with any situations – take out opponent’s Elixir Collectors, deal chip damage to a tower, take out squishy troops behind tanks, and even tank for your own fragile units! In addition, these decks will not have the presence of Hog Rider, a card-can-be-seen-in-every-game making the game boring to play.

Overview: Most powerful usage of below decks is to use a little elixir investment to kill off a troop then transform that investment into part of a Miner push. Miner will be the center and the only legendary card. The average elixir cost is somewhat moderate, making these decks easy to cycle through many cards. Do not underestimate these troll decks, as they can counter some deadly combos, including the double Sparky! In this guide I will introduce 3 best Miner decks going together with Three Musketeers/Princess/Poison for Arena 6+.

1. Miner + Three Musketeers Combo Deck – Hard counter to Sparky!

Strategy: This deck is pretty defensive with only Miner and Three Musketeers are aggressive enough to push effectively. Defending successfully is the key to win, as your deck excellently perform this role. The Fire Spirits, Guards and Zap are very cheap and very hard counter against both swarm troops and high damage units, especially Sparky.

Use these aforementioned units to defend and Cannon to distract building-target units, and do not hesitate to use Miner as a distraction or a support unit as he only costs 3 elixir. You should gain elixir advantage after a defence and start counter-push afterward. You can drop Three Musketeers first, then deploy Miner right next to their towers to distract them and serve as a semi tank for your troops. Fire Spirits can be utilized to clear horde of troops, allowing your Musketeers to hit towers.

This deck is very annoying for Sparky users, as Guards are hard counter against her. They can withstand 2 hits from Sparky for only 3 elixir, and a single Zap spell can reset her charging time and leave her vulnerable to your units.

2. Miner Cycle Deck

Strategy: The way I play it is chipping damage over time by making fair trades and then rushing in the last minute (Valk+ Fire Spirits + Mini Pekka is a guaranteed tower). I almost always use miner + spears with their elixir collectors.

A good way of playing before reaching that last minute is to counter-push. For instance, killing Barbs with Valk and Spears Goblins; killing Hog + Goblins with Mini Pekka and Zap; killing RG + Minions by Mini Pekka and Fire Spirits. After those attacks, you still have troops left (and more elixir than the rival), so you just have to rush to the tower (for instance, if Mini Pekka is left, follow it by fire spirits; if Valk + Spears Goblins is left, Miner to the tower to tank for them, etc). With Sparky deck, use Cannon to lure the giant in the front, Zap and Mini Pekka/Minions to kill it (be careful with the second if a wizard is also following the sparky).

PD: there is no way of stopping lava hound users effectively, so if you see an enormous mass of flying units coming to your tower just try to take their three crowns as fast as possible with theMini Pekka (Lava Hound is really slow and takes time to get killed: use that time wisely).

3. Miner + Poison combo deck – Very entertaining to play

Strategy: Another fun control deck to play. The strategy is quite similar to the 2 prior decks. In addition, you should always put pressure on Crown Towers with Miner whenever possible, as these Miner decks are not ideal against hard pushing + Pump combo, which is very popular at the moment.

The pushing combo is somewhat straightforward: drop your Knight/Mini Pekka, then deploy Miner to distract enemies and deal damage to Tower. Place Furnace to simultaneously defend and send Fire Spirits to support the push. Try to use Poison on as much units and buildings as you can during a push to maximize its potential.

Miner Deck Gameplay by Molt hopes you enjoy exploring the Awesome Miner control decks guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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