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Stunning Lava Hound + Balloon Decks For Arena 4+

In this post I will show you the top deck and strategy built around this Lava Hound + Balloon combo!

Overview: Being one of the best Lava Hound Decks in Clash Royale, this Air-Beatdown deck includes Lava Hound and Balloon as the 2 main cores to wreck the Tower. In addition, we have Mini P.E.K.K.A and Barbarians as utility units on both offense and defense. Minions and Spear Goblins are included to balance the average elixir cost which is 4.0. In addition, Zap and Fireball are the last 2 pieces to complete our deck.

Lava Hound + Balloon Deck Offensive Strategy

The most obvious combo would be Lava Hound on the front, along with Balloon behind so that Hound can tank other troops and Balloon can deal immense damage to Tower. However, remember that it doesn’t always need be Lava Hound + Balloon to take down a tower. A Hound paired with a Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minions, or Spear Goblins can do the same amount of damage. In short, you can perform a lot of combo variations depending on the situation (e.g. you only have Hound in your hand and you want to cycle through the deck)

This Air-Beatdown deck has a quite straightforward tactic: Play slowly in the early phase of the game to know opponent’s cards, defend and wait for the opportunity and elixir to regenerate, perform the LavaLoon combo to destroy or bring tower’s HP down significantly, wait for the elixir to regenerate and so on.

Inferno Tower is considered to be the best counter against this deck, since its damage charge will completely destroy our Hound and Balloon, while it will also aggro these 2 units as well. The best way to counter this building is to Zap it while it charges the damage on Lava Hound, as it will reset the damage charge and allow Balloon to take it down.

Use Fireball wisely to clear opponent’s dangerous troops focusing on our combo (e.g. Musketeer, Three Musketeers, Ice Wizard, Wizard). Against Minion Horde, we can use Zap + Spear Goblins to take them down immediately.

Lava Hound + Balloon Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Minions, Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck such as Giant + Witch, use Barbarians to hit the Tank and block its way to our Tower, while dropping Mini P.E.K.K.A/Minions behind their Tank to distract/take care of the supporting troops.

Against Hog Riders/Hog cycle deck/Hog Trifecta: Barbarians do their work again! They will crush the Hog even before he can land a hit on our Tower! To counter the Fire Spirits following the Hog, you can deploy Spear Goblins ahead to bait those Spirits. Against Valkyrie, I recommend you to use Mini P.E.K.K.A/Minions to deal with her.

Royal Giants: Barbarians and Mini P.E.K.K.A are the best units to get rid of him. If there are too many troops supporting Royal Giant, use Fireball on them and Royal Giant as well.

Payfecta deck (or any Legendaries out of these 3): Predict the position of Miner and place Spear Goblins in there to distract him. Fireball is a great tool to take out Princess and severely damage Ice Wizard.

Three Musketeers: Drop your Fireball and they will fucked up xD.

Giant Sparky/Royal Giant Sparky: First you shoud use Minions to constantly reduce Royal Giant HP, while dropping Barbarians to eliminate him faster. Once Sparky is near enough to take a shot, Zap her and her charge will be reset.

Giant Balloon/LavaLoon: Deploy Barbarians to defeat Giant, and drop Minions behind to snipe off Balloon. Use Zap/Fireball to finish the Loon off if necessary, as we don’t want it to land a hit on our Tower.

Spawners: Use the Double 1 lane pressure strategy on the other lane with our combo. They will get wrecked!

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Lava Hound + Balloon Deck Video

Thank you very much for reading this Lava Hound Deck Guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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