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Ice Spirit Pushing Combos – Freeze To Death!

It has been 3 days since the debut of our brand new buddy: Ice Spirit! Maybe many Clashers do not have an in-depth overview and how to use Ice Spirit properly. Some nice Ice Spirit Pushing Combos to build your deck

As a sibling of Fire Spirit, this cutie level offer a 2 seconds freeze in a slightly bigger radius than its counterpart with only 1 Elixir! Imagine how OP is a card with a half duration Freeze with only a quarter of its elixir cost. In this guide I will show you some possible pushing combos and strategies with this frozen creature. Put the chill on!

Big push combos with Ice Spirit

1. Hog Rider + Zap + Ice Spirit – Low risk yet surprise reward

Always drop Ice Spirit behind Hog. If your opponent places a building, Ice Spirit will freeze it and allow Hog to have 2 free hits. Zap + Ice Spirit can immediately kill Minion Horde if both hit. Use Zap on enemy units to help Hog deal damage to tower as much as possible.

2. Prince + Zap + Ice Spirit – High risk high reward

Somewhat similar to the prior combo. However, Prince can quickly destroy buildings, allowing you to save Ice Spirit for the next defensive wave/crown tower. Always prepare to use Zap on Minion Horde/Barbarians, or else zap the crown tower.

3. Royal Giant + Ice Wizard + Ice Spirit – Disgusting combo

Why did I say that? Because it is almost impossible to stop them. You throw in Minion Horde and instantly be frozen to death. Dropping a Mini Pekka and can’t do even a hit on RG. Ice Wizard will slow down every units to help RG to hit tower freely. As I said, OP!

You should drop your RG first, followed by Ice Spirit and Ice Wizard. Drop Minions or Musketeer behind to support further.

4. Hog + Ice Spirit + Fire Spirits – The Spirit Push

First drop Hog and Fire Spirits. Then after about 1 second drop the Ice Spirit. If they drop a building, Fire Spirits and Hog should kill it before the Ice Spirit reach it. If they drop barbs the fire spirits will weaken it enough for the ice spirits to finish them off. If they drop Mini Pekka then Ice Spirit and Fire Spirits will combine their forces to kill it and will succeed.

Basically the only way to stop this push is to use more than 1 card or use a zap (Zap, Mini Pekka will kill this push). But you will still get damage because the ice spirit will survive the zap and freeze the Mini Pekka. And more often than not, that will give you the elixir advantage.

Small push combos with Ice Spirit

5. Ice Spirit + Minions

Use this when you plan to counter attack your opponent, while still be able to defend on the other lane. The Ice Spirit can make it way to the tower alive and freeze it, allow Minions to deal tons of damage. Keep in mind that Zap cannot instant kill both Minions and Ice Spirit!

6. Ice Spirit + Mini Pekka

The proper counter to this combo is to use tank, yet put opponent in elixir disadvantage. Using defensive building is not an option as Ice Spirit will freeze it immediately, and Mini Pekka can easily take care of it. Mini Pekka can do 3 to 4 hits if Ice Spirit can manage to freeze it.

How to use Ice Spirit Video

A live battle video showing gameplay of RG + Ice Spirit combo, nearly unstoppable! hopes you enjoy exploring the How to use Ice Spirit guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale videos.