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Zaps Enemies – 1 Second Stun Is A Killer!

Hi guys! Today I am going to discuss about how to use Zap, which is considered to be the most versatile spell at the moment. If being used correctly, this will be a nightmare to any players with its amazing 1 second stun.

Basically, it is a low cost spell with instant cast time that inflicts minor damage in a small radius of 2.5 tiles. However, what makes it outstanding from other spells is the stun effect paralyzing enemy units and buildings for 1 second. That is the crucial part of this spell, as 1 second stun can allow you to perform many possible actions such as doing an extra hit by Hog Rider. These small details can totally turn the table on your opponent to win the game. Compared to its counterpart spells like Arrows, Zap has way smaller radius, thus harder to use it effectively. However, it is still a helpful spell due to its low cost.

Some special tips for using Clash Royale Zap spell

  1. It can 1 SHOT all kind of Skeletons but Guards, every equivalent leveled Goblins and of course the Fire Spirits. Zap is a hard counter against Goblin Barrel since it can eliminate them immediately.
  2. Zap can wipe out lower leveled Minion Horde at once, while bring same leveled one to sliver of health, allowing your Arena tower to finish them off. Precise timing of Zap is critical, as it will help you kill them without receiving any damage.
  3. Sometimes you can utilize Zap plus cheap troops to eliminate Princess, since she is now very common in higher Arena and very annoying to encounter.
  4. The Zap can be also used to briefly stun enemy troops and buildings, reducing enemy DPS.
    • The Freeze is more effective at stunning enemies and reducing incoming damage compared to the Zap. However the Freeze spell costs double the elixir and does not deal any damage to units. Also, Zap resets a troops attack timer, while Freeze doesn’t.
    • The Zap is particularly good at stopping the Prince and Dark Prince. The Zap will halt them and reset the Princes’ charges, allowing the defending player to deploy units to counter.
    • It is also an effective counter to Sparky. Zap resets Sparky’s charge allowing you 5 more seconds to defend against Sparky before she can attack again.
  5. The Zap can be used to allow a brief lifeline for damaged troops and let them be able to get one extra hit in, for example stunning a tower to allow a P.E.K.K.A. to hit it one extra time.
  6. Zapping units or the opposing Crown Tower can possibly change their targets. For example, if an X-Bow is targeting a Tower and the player deploys a troop or building closer to the X-Bow than the Tower, then zaps the X-Bow, it will change target to the nearest deployed card.
  7. With proper timing, Zap can be used to deny a wave from troop spawners such as Barbarian Hut, allowing the player to gain a good elixir advantage. The same strategy can also be used against Elixir Collectors, as it will deny one Elixir if timed just correctly.
  8. Do not hesitate to use it defensively. It only costs 2 elixir while providing too many benefits. Three Musketeers have DPS of 600, which means you can avoid losing 600 HP on your Arena Tower.
  9. Zap + Fireball is a great combination if timing correctly. Just ensure that Zap hits first and being followed by Fireball to hit all units, avoid the kickback effect of Fireball. The Fire Spirits + Zap combo is pretty the same.

How to use Zap Video Guide

Watch this Video Guide made by Orange Juice to have in-depth overview about these aforementioned techniques. hopes you enjoy exploring the Zap guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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