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A Comprehensive Guide To Using Sparky In Clash Royale

Every time I use sparky I just lose. It’s not fair. Everyone counters it so easily. She just seems like a waste of elixir. Can someone tell me how to use her properly please?

In this guide, I’m going to discuss the best uses of Sparky so you win as often as possible with Video in the end. Check how to get legendary cards if you haven’t had it yet.

Sparky: The most offensive, annoying, and fun card to play in the game, but also one of the easiest to counter. In this guide, I’m going to detail how to best use Sparky, and how to win with her. Read More Legendary In-depth Comparison.

Why Sparky is difficult:

  • Easy to counter and lose your elixir advantage from it (Zap, Valk, Guards, Dark Prince, Gobs + Skeletons, Mini Pekka, Barbarians, Fire Spirits…). There is a Counter Guide, chec
  • High cost for potentially no gain
  • Doesn’t defend against air
  • Charge time means she is very vulnerable on opponent’s turf after one shot

Sparky is a very well-balanced card because there are almost more cons to playing her than pros. There is no getting around the fact that Sparky is hard to play. However, if you can master her (and I certainly haven’t lol), then you can win consistently.

Tips on playing Sparky

Never lead with Sparky

Best way to use sparky: Because of how easy she is to counter, I don’t recommend playing her as your first card. The caveat to this is, if you are in a lower Arena (5,6,7), then you can probably get away with this because your opponent won’t know what to do, he’ll hesitate, lose elixir, and then go full defense mode, letting you dictate the match. Once you get into Arena 8 and 9, never start with Sparky.

If your opponent plays a tank (Giant, Pekka, Golem), play Sparky in your backfield to take out his tank

It takes Sparky 2-3 shots to take down any tank, and even if your opponent has a zap ready, their tank won’t make it to your tower if you distract it with a building or troop in the middle. Sparky will keep firing at their tank, leaving you time to deal with support troops and build up an offensive push. Starting with Sparky on defense then transitioning to offense is the best way to use her.

If your opponent plays the Royal Giant, don’t respond with Sparky

Because of how fast the RG will target your tower, it will take Sparky too long to charge up, fire, then charge up again, and take out the RG. Don’t treat Sparky as a counter to the RG because you’ll lose about 800-1000 HP on your tower. You’ll need to pack another counter, like Mini Pekka, to deal with the Royal Giant.

Protect Sparky as much as you can

The longer you’re able to keep Sparky alive, the more shots she gets off. The more shots she takes translates into more wasted elixir for your opponent or more health off of their tower. If you can keep Sparky alive and get her to get off a lot of shots, you’re golden.

You definitely need Sparky to be behind some sort of tank, such as the Giant, Royal Giant, Golem, Pekka, Valkyrie, Bowler, or Baby Dragon. I haven’t seen any Lavahound/Sparky decks, but you can certainly try.

Support Sparky with splash damage troops, like Wizard, Princess, Bomber, Fire Spirits, and Furnace

Some of the most popular counters to Sparky are Zap + cheap troops to finish her off. Using splash damage on support will prevent these cheap troops from finishing her, which keeps Sparky alive longer.

I will play Sparky early in these conditions

My opponent drops a huge tank, such as Pekka, Giant, or Golem: Sparky’s high damage means Sparky + ice wiz or MP is the best option to deal with these high HP tanks. This can also force my opponent to use a zap on my side of the map, which is better than on their side of the map. If you defend well, you can then drop a Giant in front of Sparky and they might not have the elixir to defend.

My opponent drops their own Sparky: The best defense against a Sparky is your own Sparky. If you can play it right and blow up their own Sparky with yours surviving, you are almost guaranteed a tower down. You’ll want to zap use Zap/MP/Ice Wiz/Goblin Barrel to defuse and destroy their Sparky while yours deals with the tank in front.

My opponent drops a Lavahound: The Sparky decks I run are pretty weak to air, so these battles turn into base races for me, generally. If I can pressure the opposite lane with a Giant/Sparky push, my opponent doesn’t have the elixir to support their Lavahound, which allows me to only have to deal with a hound.

Once you know what your opponent is playing, defend your low-health tower with Sparky pushes

This is my favorite part of the battle. Your first Sparky push has the greatest potential for damage (because it is a surprise), so be sure to do a full push with supporting troops.

Drop Sparky in the very back of your side so she has time to fully charge by the time she gets to the bridge. You do not want an uncharged Sparky at the bridge.

Don’t go overboard on the first push if you aren’t in double elixir because you need to be able to 1) respond to what your opponent does on their side of the map and 2) defend their counter push.

By sending pushes up the lane of your low-health tower, you force your opponent to deal with your push before they can go for damage on your tower. This can often result in you taking their tower and they aren’t able to get any more damage on your tower.

You should read more Gameplay Tips to avoid some beginner mistakes.

A good sparky deck/strategy

Here are my fast, simple tips to building a Sparky deck

You need a back-up plan:

Sparky is so easy to counter, even if you play her perfectly you may only get 1 shot on the opponent’s tower in the entire game. You’ll need another way to get damage on their tower that doesn’t rely on Sparky.

Based on your backup plan, pick a tank to protect Sparky.

Pick a tank you are familiar with first, and go with that while you learn the deck. I’ve used RG/Sparky and Valk/Sparky personally, but Giant/Sparky is very popular, and Pekka/Sparky and Golem/Sparky could be effective, too (although expensive).

Pick supporting troops that do splash damage

Add in a defensive structure to district tanks with

This will give you time to drop other counters to your opponent’s tanks. You don’t need to pack an inferno tower because Sparky will take out the really big tanks like Golem and Pekka. One building I would suggest is the Furnace, because it will distract tanks, including RG and hog, and it will also be able to support your Sparky on a push. Check out best defensive structures in clash royale.

Add a counter to RG or Hog

These two cards are the hardest to deal with using a Sparky deck. Hog cycle decks can rapidly get in and do damage, which prevents you from taking the time to build up a big Sparky push. RG will lock onto the tower so fast you can’t rely on Sparky to counter, as talked about earlier.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them! I’ve also had rbot comment the stats of Sparky in the comments below.

Video Using Sparky Clash Royale

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