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How to use Rage Spell effectively

I have only faced some opponents with their decks equipped with Rage Spell, and guess what? They are almost defeated, as the Spell was not used properly. hope you enjoyed Clash Royale Rage Spell Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome Spell guide with your friends! You rock!

Now the question is, how can we utilize this powerful spell?

Let’s check out a very common fight when using this deck

After being successful in pushing attempt, only Musketeer and Spear Goblins survive while opponent’s troops are cleared. Your army is going to destroy a tower, and you only have 3 elixir left with Rage Spell in your set. If you use rage on those units the tower will go low or destroyed. So, should you do it?

The answer is no, I’m pretty sure that if your opponent is smart enough, he will take damage from Musketeer and Spear Goblins as he knows for sure that they can’t push the tower, which means your rage spell is useless. Moreover, he will counter push as you will run out of elixir after using rage, and boom! You lose. Building elixir after a fight is of great important and they would save for their next attack/defense, thus there’s no need to waste on an undefensive spell.

So, again the question comes to when to use Rage Spell?

x2 elixir time

Just use it for the last minute, in which the x2 elixir phase begins. The accelerated regen rate would help you secure resources to summon troop cards in the worst situation. This is only possible if you can make a very clean, advantageous defense and have group if troops marching to the other lane.

Secure your push first

For Ex: Suppose that both players have equal elixir and you uses 14 elixir to push, he sets up a defense with equal elixir cost. You now activate Rage with the elixir you have regenerated. You take advantage in this fight, yet you are fighting on enemy ground which provide him with positioning advantage. He can easily drop his troops in your backline and kick your ass out of his battleground. You will never know what could happen during such balanced fight.

At beginning of the battle

That’s why I suggest using it in x2 state because by that time you know your opponent’s deck and you will have enough elixir to drop all your units and have elixir to use rage and arrows.

Last but not least, I have already guided you guys to use rage at the later stage of the match in your push attempt. However, if your enemy uses more than 1 defensive towers, it will be better to use rage at the beginning of the battle.

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