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How To Use Lumberjack Successfully

Got your first legendary after playing since Beta – Lumberjack Card and you have no idea how to use him? Here is some basic strategies to use Lumberjack to defense and offense. Good luck!

I know that the Lumberjack is one of the least used cards in the game and right now does not have a great place in the meta. In many cases, a Rage can do a lot of what the Lumberjack does, and for one less Elixir. However, the only way to increase his usages is to spread my experience to the community and inform you. Check out some way to get legend cards in clash royale or you may want to know some good decks without Legendary cards.

Lumberjack Info

The Lumberjack as a unit can easily be described as a less tanky Knight that does more damage. At Tournament Standard levels, the Lumberjack has about 500 less Hitpoints but does about 100 more DPS. People also compare him to the Mini PEKKA, one of the best defending cards in the game. The Lumberjack is simply inferior in defending as compared to the Mini PEKKA. The Lumberjack does 70 less DPS and has about 150 less Hitpoints. However, the Lumberjack does attack much faster than the Mini PEKKA but has the same attack speed as the Knight. The Lumberjack also moves at the same speed as the Mini PEKKA.

For these reasons, the Lumberjack is generally not used solo on defense because the Mini PEKKA is better by nature. The ideal use of the Lumberjack is to counter-push, as I will describe further down this post. See more counter push guide here.

How to use Lumberjack on offense

The Lumberjack has terrific synergy with the cards that go well with Rage – Balloon, Three Musketeers, Prince, Pekka and Mini Pekka. The Giant / Lumberjack combo can also trip up your opponent due to how unexpected a push like that is.

But before I delve into the specifics, let me just go over the flow of building a Lumberjack push. Let’s us a Lumberjack / Giant / Musketeer push for the purpose of this demonstration. It’s easiest to practice this in the Training Camp or a Friendly Battle where your opponent won’t try that hard so you can get a feel for the flow of the Lumberjack.

Place your Giant behind the King Tower so you will have more Elixir by the time he is at the river. Next, put the Musketeer behind the Giant. And right before the Giant crosses the river, place the Lumberjack in front of him. This is so the Lumberjack tanks the first hits and acts as a sort of kamikaze unit. This basic push-building skill is the key to effectively using the Lumberjack.

If you are using a Giant – or even Royal Giant-based deck, you can easily alter the above strategy. I haven’t personally used a Hog with the Lumberjack yet, but I’d imagine that you could do a Trifecta pushed but with a Lumberjack instead of a Valkyrie.

If you are using a Balloon deck, your pushes will be similar to a Giant deck. But unlike a Giant deck, I wouldn’t place the Balloon in the back because your opponent will save their Minion Horde or Musketeer to take the Balloon out. That’s why the element of surprise is critical. Place the Balloon all the way on the right side of the arena, closest to the river (if you’ve seen OJ’s video about the Giant, you’ll know what I mean) and quickdrop the Lumberjack on the path at the river. Having Arrows ready will make quick work of a Horde. Check out Balloon Lumberjack Deck here to know more.

How to use Lumberjack on Defence

I would not recommend using the Lumberjack as a Mini PEKKA because of his inferior stats, but he still can be used on defense. If you’re playing against any type of cycle deck, the Lumberjack can come in handy. He can easily kill Goblins and Skeletons, and other low quantity small units. The Lumberjack can also distract a Miner on your Collector if you predict his location and timing.

However, I don’t think that the Lumberjack is the best defending card in the game by a longshot. I do think that he is one of the best counterpush cards in the game.

If you have full Elixir and your opponent pulls a ballsy move, defend with the Lumberjack. Kill their tank and support troops. Now you can place a glass cannon like the Musketeer or the Minion Horde to do thousands of damage to the opponent’s Crown Tower. An enraged Giant could also do a lot of damage.

However, under extreme circumstances, you can place the Lumberjack on your side purely for his Rage. You can then place troops that will defend much quicker, but this is a last-ditch effort at saving a Tower.

Important note: the Lumberjack will oneshot a Princess of his level or one above!


The Lumberjack is a very unpopular card, and I hope to change this. Please let me know if this Lumberjack Guide helped you. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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