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In-depth Tips On Miner’s Usage and Counters

Miner has proved his impact on the meta with the fact that many decks from pro Clashers includes him. Nevertheless, some still wonder how to use and counter Miner in Clash Royale. Today I will give you some in-depth tips on this Legendary!

How to use Miner

When you plan to use Miner on attacking tower, avoid placing him in the front and the inner side of that Arena Tower. It is mainly due to the fact that when Miner is deployed in the inner side, he will be targeted by both Towers. On the other hand, when he is at the front, splank can easily deal splash damage to him and the support troops behind. It is ideal to place him behind or at the outer side of Towers as defensive troops will have to travel further to hit both Miner and our offensive units.

When should you use Miner

Kill Princess: She is damn annoying troop and OP in my opinion. However, she can be taken care in a blink of an eye by a single Miner. Just deploy him near the Princess and let him do his job. Be aware of those experienced players who can predict your move to counter.

Destroy Pump and Huts: Just to trade off and gain elixir advantage, as well as eliminate these troublesome permanent spawners. Remember to drop Miner at an ideal place to prevent him from being hit by both Towers.

Mini Tank: Primary Role of a typical Miner. His somewhat high HP allow him to be a mini Tank for our troops to take down Towers. The ability to appear anywhere on the map makes him a great distraction for our troops as well. Imagine if he can pull Barbarians toward him, allow Hog to hit Tower freely.

Some good combinations with Miner: Minion Horde, Glass Cannon units (Mini Pekka), Goblin Barrel. See all Miner Decks here.

How to counter Miner

Counter Cards: Knight, Mini Pekka, Goblins.

Against a mini Tank Miner, you should know from the aforementioned information that he will usually be deployed behind or on the outer side of Tower. Therefore, the best place for you to drop defensive units is the corner tile between these 2 sides, so your troops can instantly lock on Miner.

Prediction the Miner spawn spot will make difference! Miner players will normally place him at 2 aforementioned spots, or try to assassinate your Princess whenever possible. Hence, you can make a prediction and hover your troops to that places.

If you have Pump in your deck, place it between Arena Towers so that both Towers can lock on Miner if he attempts to eliminate it. In addition, he may accidentally switch to King Tower and activate it.

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Miner Video Guide

Comprehensive Miner Video from Orange Juice

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