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How To Play Hog Trifecta

Trifecta Deck is one of the most popular decks in Clash Royale and has been for over a month for a reason. However, some of players still don’t know how to play this meta deck. Here is some tips with Hog Trifecta Video Guides. Good luck!

What is Trifecta deck?

Basically “Tri” means 3 and it’s a combination of Valk Hog and Musketeer. Basically it is a set of cards that work extremely well together. It is called a “Trifecta” because it consist of a tank(hog), air protection (Musketeer), anti mass troops(Valk). It can also be a Legendary Trio/Trifecta. Miner(tank) Princess(Air Protection) Ice Wizard(Anti – Mass). Well, at least that’s the concept.

Hog Trifecta Gameplay

With Hog Trifecta deck, basically you cycle to the answer you need. Elixir Collectors will ensure that you have more than your opponent if they don’t run it and in double elixir time two or three pumps allows you to send multiple rushes down birth lanes pressuring both sides and thinning their defense.

Keep your Elixir Collectors safe. Make good trades with Valk and Musk since they defend against any push very well. Skeletons to pull Mini Pekka or kill Miners. You should know what and how to make counter push first.

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How to use Hog Trifecta to counter common decks

Air Deck First, don let a Lava Hound + Balloon + Minions (~15 elixir) combo happen. Use Double Lane Pressure.
Minion Horde

Musketeer right in front of the king’s tower, then Skeletons to draw them and distract. A Musketeer shot and an arena tower shot are enough to kill a solo minion horde, although in my experience I do struggle against air decks since your only air defense is Musketeer (which can be taken out with a higher level fireball).

Skeletons believe it or not can be a good(although a lot of room for error) counter to the minion horde. If you place it in the middle of the map, they will split and them being the same speed as the minions will draw them enough that they can get picked if of by the towers.

Finally, if you switch Skeletons to Spirits (Fire or Ice), it’s gonna be much easier to counter the uber-popular Royale Giant Minions push.

Minions + Tank (Giant, Valkyrie, Royal Giant)  Poison and Skeletons will do the trick. You’re essentially paying one elixir for a tank to take the effects of it as well.
Royal Giant Decks  Poison on RG, cannon, musky, skeletons, or even Valk. Remember, you’re setting up for a big counter-push.
Sparky Deck Zap and Skeles can take it out. So can Musk and Skeles, if he comes with RG place down cannon, Zap, and then place a Valk between the RG and Sparky.
Miner using Trifecta?  If you drop collector and Miner goes for it, use Musketeer to shoot the Miner. Valk / Cannon to kill the supporting troops that will come from the bridge. After this wait for Miner to be near the bridge and counter push with hog + poison. Rinse + repeat.Make sure to place Pump just in front of King tower so it’s touching the king but between the two crown towers. That is ideal placement against Miner. The miner user will probably not focus on the pump if you continue to place it there. Use Musketeer and the miner won’t even get the Pump halfway before dying.
Double Prince

 Another popular deck that I feel will totally wreck the Trifecta is the Double Prince strategy. What troops are you gonna send against 2 charged Princes?

This is really dependent on you having the correct hand, you have to know how to split troop. Putting the Valkyrie to distract the Dark Prince and the Skeletons on the Prince to separate them, the Valkyrie easily kills the DP and the prince will take 6 seconds to kill all of the skeletons. Make sure to do this at a range where if one of the princes do survive then they won’t be able to charge. It’s not optimal to place a cannon if the opponent has a defense targeting threat like the Hog Rider or RG. Read more about how to counter Double Prince Deck.

Hog Trefecta Tips

That’s basically it. Just a few tips I’ve picked up from playing

This deck is sloooooow. Now I’m not saying only play defense but a lot of times you play defense in the first minute or so just to learn their deck. Push when you can. Take it slow. You’re gaining an elixir advantage with the pumps that they won’t be able to keep with with.

Always always always keep a level head. They take your tower and laugh? Fine. Laugh. Just remember you’ll be the one laughing when double elixir comes around and you’re able to cycle though your deck faster than they expect with your double pumps and killer counter pushes.

And finally, a lot of your games could possibly go into overtime. I’m not saying all but a lot. This is when level head and good plays help because your opponent is Freaking out playing his minion horde in your poison to try and get that extra damage In on the tower while you’re sitting back and taking their other tower with ease.

This deck really works if you practice with it whenever you can. The more you play the more you’ll understand on what to do when. I know this isn’t perfect so ask questions if needed. Also if you’ve this much thanks for reading, clash on.

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OMG, that’s a long guide, watch Hog Trifecta video!

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