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How To Get Easily Clash Royale Legendary Cards

(Description: you are looking for some tips about how to get easily Clash Royale Legendary Cards, you are wondering what the best Legendary cards are. Well, my post will surely help you to solve them. This is not only what you should find out and focus on, but also maximize the chances and the cheapest way of getting one.)

If you are looking for some tips about how to get easily Clash Royale Legendary Cards; if you are wondering what the best Legendary Cards are, follow my tips. Surely, I am going to show you some ways what you should focus on and how to get the high chance to get Legendary Cards.

High chance to get a Legendary Card

Firstly, you should know about maximizing the chances to get a Legendary Card and where you can get one

To be honest, if you have ever got a Legendary Card from chest, you are a lucky guy. To me, I’ve really got 3 Legendary Cards from Free Chests in Arena 7, but unluckily I haven’t opened more than 500 of them.

So, actually, where do we get Legendary Cards from?

Super Magical and other Chests

Below is my summary of the chances for you to get easily a Legendary Card from a chest, which always reply on the Arena are in (from Arena 4 to Arena 9)

Cards Avg. number of chests for one Legendary

Arena 9

Arena 8 Arena 7 Arena 6 Arena 5

Arena 4

Free Chest

885 971 1205 1493 4000 8333

Crown Chest

128 152 188 231 610


Silver Chest

2222 2439 3030 3704 10000 20000
Gold Chest 365 435 535 658 1724


Giant Chest

80.2 95.2 117.5




Magical Chest 12.8 15.2 18.8 23.1 60.8


Super Magical Chest

2.14 2.54 3.13 3.85 10.13 20.01

Clan Chest Tier 5*

18 18 18.9 21.4 34.9


Clan Chest Tier 10* 6.8 6.8 7.2 8.2 13.3


Clan chest: make sure that you take the chances to rise with the numbers of cards, that means you actually concentrate on getting Tier 10 Clan Chest and have an effective clan.

To my experience, getting a chance from a Super Magical Chest are the highest. However, I’m not sure that you will always get on every 2 to 3 of them because of other factors. Many players had opened about 10 Super Magical Chest but not got one single Legendary Card from it anymore.

Challenge chest

You should care about challenge chest because the chances of getting a Legendary Card are not topic of the numbers of cards, held by a chest. It is called a Legendary Factor, which present the abnormality, that one of the cards inside the chests is a Legendary Card

  • Free Chest: 4000
  • Crown Chest: 4000
  • Silver Chest: 10,000
  • Gold Chest: 5700
  • Giant Chest: 10,000
  • Magical Chest: 600
  • Super Magical Chest: 600
  • Challenge Chest: 2000

Take a deep look, you can see clearly that Magical & Super Magical Chests are one of the highest chance to get a Legendary Card. Contrary, Silver & Giant Chests are the lowest chance. Also, Challenge Chests offer quite a good chance as well.

When you see the price of a Classic Challenge to a Super Magical Chest, you can easily understand that they are a better way.

Challenge Wins Chances for a Legendary Card

Grand Challenge

Classic Challenge


0.53% 0.05%


0.79% 0.08%


1.32% 0.13%




4 3.44%


5 4.90%


6 6.62%



8.74% 0.79%
8 11.12%



14.03% 1.27%




11 22.76%





Below are the good ways to gain Legendary Cards.

And here is the great way to get easier opponents:

Leagues Draft Chest

Check now, it is lucky if you are about 4,000 Trophies and more, you’re matched within a League. After finishing the season, you may get a Draf Chest, which brings a higher chance for a Legendary Card

  • Challenger I 29.2% chance of a legendary
  • Challenger II 44% chance
  • Challenger III 58% chance
  • Master I 73% chance
  • Master II 87% chance
  • Master III 100% chance of one legendary, 2% chance of two
  • Champion 100% chance of one, 16% chance of two
  • Grand Champion 100% chance of one, 31% chance of two
  • Ultimate Champion 100% chance of one, 45% chance of two

Buy from the shop

If you’re in Hog Mountain Arena or higher, you will see a Legendary Card is sold with 40,000 Gold in the shop. This is a good card if you choose one, but doing more than simply unlocking it is rather expensive when the second one will be sold 80,000 Gold. (this is only when you’re in Legendary Arena)

Cheapest ways to get more and more Legendary cards

Almost players can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get a Legendary Card. Read carefully, below is surely what you can do to maximize the chances.

Tip 1

Make sure that you always have 40,000 Gold available, because you knock Arena 9, you take a chance to unlock a Legendary Card in the shop

Tip 2

Now, save up at least 500 Gems, and try not to use them. When you have the 500 Gems and more to buy a Legendary Chest, it is a featured offer in the shop, you can start using them.

Note: you can get luckily about 20 Gems each day by opening Free Chest and Crown Chests.

Tip 3

As I said before, you are not sure get a Legendary Card from Super Magical Chests, even if you get 3 or more. So, DON’T buy Super Magical Chests. It is 3700 Gems to get one.

Tip 4

Prepare for an effective Clan, which support you to get a Tier 10 Clan Chest all the time.

Best way

The best way to gain Legendary Cards is by farming challenges.

Remember you always have at least 500 Gems available.

It is a cheap and great for you to get enough Gems each day to complete 2 basic challenges. You don’t need to wait until the chest opens.

Follow these tips, be sure that you can take the highest and cheapest chance to get Legendary Cards. Thank you for reading!