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Counter And Counter Push Are Different, Noob!

It seems like Clashers are very afraid of pushing strategy. It is definitely an essential topic to all players, especially inexperienced players or those one who still struggle at the lower arenas.

Overview: I have asked many new players how would they play Clash Royale. Apparently, they share a same concept of stopping enemy push and then push the enemy back with a full Elixir gauge or vice versa. Clearly, this works in some ways, but not the best way to play Clash Royale because simply you are just desperately wasting your Elixir for seeking an advantage in pushing. Let’s play more tactical mainly focus on neutralizing your enemy push and punish them hard then! This guide will help you to calculate and predict your enemy’s moves to win the Elixir trade and ultimately the battle.

Never take the initiation if you want to apply this strategy

In this neutralize and counter push strategy, there is only one main element to concentrate on: Never Rush. It is called neutralize and counter because you don’t take the lead, you may drop some cheap troops to scout for your enemy response, but essentially, you wait for your enemies to initiate the battles with their combo and response with appropriate neutralization and counter strategy. This sounds theoretical but after examining some illustrations, you would realize the magic.

#1. How to Counter Push with Double Princes combo deck

Let’s say this is a theoretical example, but I recognize many players deploy the double Princes combo to initiate the battle. This devastating combo costs 9 Elixir and can easily freak inexperienced out. So let’s deploy a Giant to block the Princes as a shield meat, deploy Minions + Archers to kite the Princes. You cost about 11 Elixir, it feels like unfair Elixir Trade at first. However, this is called neutralization and counter because your Giant will endure the damage and still alive due to his tankiness while your Minions and Archers are unharm! Imagine when the Princes are dead but your troops are still alive and continue to strike back, that’s truly counter. However, let’s go a little advance, if your enemy gather minimum Elixir to fire Arrows, you only lose your Minions while Giant and Archers barely survive to deal more damages. Now that’s 12 Elixir vs. 11 Elixir. Think advance, buddy.

#2. The best way to counter Hog Rider + Goblins combo

This 6 Elixir combo can be easily countered by another same cost combo of Canon + Minions, no doubt. But your Minions can still threaten your enemy then. Outplay guaranteed to make your enemy waste more Elixir.

#3. Counter-pushing with Giant deck

Wisely counter this 14 Elixir combo by deploying a Valkyrie between Witch and Musketeer, and a Mini P.E.K.K.A take care of the Giant for only 8 Elixir. After this success neutralization, counter your enemy with this deadly combo of Valkyrie + Mini P.E.K.K.A. Tips: prepare Fire Spirits or Zap to achieve a deadlier combo.

Advance Strategy – Sacrification

Sometimes, it is not about neutralization, you may need to suffer some sacrifications to deal greater counter–push to your enemy. Imagine your enemy send a Hog Rider to scout, you can freely choose an Inferno Tower or a Canon to stop him, but how about deploying Skeletons instead to achieve better Elixir exchange for a minor Tower health loss. If the enemy use Zap to clear your Skeletons, that would make you have an instant advantage of exchanging 1 Elixir for 6 Elixir. Way to go!

How to Counter Push Video Guide hopes to deliver a useful strategy to you for improving your Clash Royale experience. Don’t forget to Comment if you have any questions for this video guide; Like and Subscribe to dig in more daily Clash Royale tactical video guides!

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