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How To Counter Payfecta Deck As A F2P

It seems 99% of the tournament champions I see always have Triple Legendaries Deck. Can anybody recommend a good way to counters this Payfecta deck?

So, before I start, yes, I myself have 3 legendaries, I have Ice Wizard, Miner and Sparky, they honestly are fun, but learning on how to play them are definitly difficult, because if played on the wrong side, they are not dangerous at all.

Payfecta Strategy

To counter this deck, you need to know how it work. In a typical game against the payfecta, they will use their ice wizard and another troop (say the mini pekka) to defend against whatever your push was. They now launch a push with all three of the legendaries, the mini pekka, and you know they have a zap in their hand. Your tower is now being attacked from four different angles: The miner from behind, the ice wizard a little farther back, the princess from your oppoent’s side of the map, and the mini pekka from the front. You need to drop 4 different cards at the same time in different locations in order to prevent any damage. This is obviously not possible, and you probably don’t have 4 cards that can be used to stop the push. You probably just took anywhere from 500-2500 damage, depending on how well you countered everything. And if your opponent was really diabolical, they would place the miner so it gets targeted by both towers, and place minions in the other lane, forcing you to spread out your troops even further.

How to deal with Payfecta Deck

Strategy 1: Use Lightning, why? Because your opponent will almost always send something in with the 3 cards, such as a Mini Pekka, all you need is to hover your Lightning over the Ice Wizard and Princess and Mini Pekka, and counter the Miner with Guards, for a positive Elixir Trade! (+4!)

Strategy 2: Start putting certain counters in your deck, I recommend putting in Arrows and Guards/Goblins in your deck, because the Princess and Ice Wizard are hard to deal with, so taking out one of them makes it 100% easier to tank and spank, due to the big AoE the Princess has, and you can take out the Miner out with your Guards/Goblins, leaving you alone with the Ice Wizard, but he doesn’t do too much damage anyways, you could choose to ignore him and push the other side.

Strategy 3: Use any kind of offensive building, such as Goblin Hut or Furnace, a Furnace alone, will still survive with a wave of Fire Spirits if put near your King Tower, infront, so you will always do damage while your opponent doesn’t, for only 1 elixir! Now just put a Valkery or Mini Pekka at the Ice Wizard and Princess and you’re good to go!

Deck matchups with Triple Legendaries Deck

These are some of the most common matchups you will see against a a player with the Payfecta cards, so I will be going very quickly through each deck:

Rg + Hog + Payfecta

Probably the hardest of them all, if you already have trouble against an RG, this will only catch you more off guard, and will quickly chip your tower down, so you always have to react to their push, because it will take your tower down in seconds.

The best thing to do is to do nothing and accept your fate, or draw.

Just kidding, if you have a Mini Pekka, which most of you probably have, use to solo every single card they used to push with, this little f*cker will kill this 20 elixir push all by itself, leaving you with enough elixir to counterpush, ofcourse you should help him out before your tower dies, because as we all know, RG+Hog give no positive elixir trades, so if you counter those 2, and take out Princess and the Miner, you are left with a huge counterpush, and your enemy will run dry on elixir and have no response to your counterpush.

Rg + Payfecta

This one is very easy to deal with, tank and spank the Ice Wizard and Princess AoE damage, using the Knight or Valkery, put down an Inferno Tower for the RG, and counter the Miner with Goblins or Skeletons, or whatever you have available at the moment, and your tower will have little to no damage done by your opponent.

Giant + Musketeer + Pump + Payfecta

Sounds rough, but it really isn’t, since you have enough time to respond against Giant, you will have even more for the back up, all you need is Goblins for the Miner, Valkery for the Support behind the Giant and Mini Pekka for the Giant, and you’re 10 elixir down while your opponent is down 19 elixir!

Payfecta + Mortar

Now this is definitly a though matchup, because you have to deal already with the 3 thoughest cards in the game, and now theres another threat, right behind the princess, your best friend is probably a Rocket to take out the Mortar and Princess or a Giant to soak up all the damage, and take out the Payfecta cards.

Payfecta + Inferno Tower ( /u/pompeyo4’s deck)

This deck is very easily to deal with, I’ve seen it alot, and all you need to do is split up their pushes, Arrows also definitly help since Miner+Ice Wizard is only easier to take out.

Payfecta + Mini Pekka Cycle

Same as the above, all you do is counter the Mini Pekka, and do more damage than their Miner, and you’re good to go!

Tips to beat multiple legendaries cards?

Giant poison decks or other build-up decks can be devastating to payfecta if you can protect your pumps. As a payfecta user myself if I screw up and the opponent can build a large enough push it can be devastating. Just a thing to note is most payfecta users use zap and princess as there main crowd control cards so if you can arrow/poison the princess it would not be a bad idea to support your giant push with a minion horde.

Knowing your opponents rotations and then outplaying that. It’s not like you can just click faster or better or something. A big part of it is knowing what you need to throw down to minimize turret damage, at least against an RG, because losing that first turret is pretty much a GG when they can play it in the middle. Sure in a tourney maybe mini Pekka alone is enough to counter, but in ladder you want to minimize that turret damage as much as possible. This leads to not as good elixir trades as you would have at even levels, but if you can minimize the turret damage you give yourself a chance.

I’d recommend re-watching your losses, was it something you specifically did, maybe a missplay or maybe looking back you could have had a better counter actually. If it is that then learn from it and make an effort to not do that next time. If it really was something like card levels or just shit RNG starting hand then brush it off an move on, knowing that eventually those trash players will be stuck even more when the meta changes and as you level your cards up. If you are losing to RG’s a lot being supported by legendaries try to focus on mitiagating damage as much as you can, go on the clash royale wiki and lookup how many extra hits or seconds each of your counters needs to kill that card. Also that sometimes just making a positive elixir trade isn’t the best situation when you are sacrificing a lot of turret health, or if it means giving up on an attack. Can you fireball+zap an icewizard? If you can kill it at level 1 and they drop a level 1 ice wiz, then maybe its worth it to get in some chip damage on turret, espcially if they are a “bad” player.

How to counter Payfecta deck video

I really hoped you learned a few things from my Guide, and all I can say is, put cards in your deck that will always counter these 3 particular cards, it definitly helps a lot to get to Legendary arena, because they will no longer become a threat in a match and get you an even-leveled playing field without having too much trouble against legendary cards.

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