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Effective ways to counter Golem Deck

I’m between 1750 – 1800 trophies and can rarely counter Clash Royale Golem Deck due to the splash damage combined with barbarians/wizard/bomber behind. Place Tesla to buy me some time but my towers still take serious damage. What can I do?

Golem is a slow troop, yet his HP is very high which make him a beefy unit. After being killed he is still capable of splitting into 2 smaller units, continuing to deal damage. It is the only card I have come across since the release date that I would consider to be actually “OP”. It’s very hard to counter, very easy to use effectively, and catastrophic if being used by experienced players. If you ever watch CR TV seeing someone has a golem deck on hand, even the “best” players struggle to stop that Giant Rock.

Therefore, this guide will only focus on basic defensive strategies, some best defensive cards along with some video guides I have collected. It is a matter of your training to beat Golem Deck properly.

There are several ways to effectively counter the Golem:

1. Apply pressure on the other lane

One of the best ways to defeat a Golem deck is to rush the other lane. When they reveal their Golem, you should immediately drop your troops on the opposite site and apply pressure on your opponent.

There are 2 main reasons for this action:

  • Golem costs 8 elixir, which means they do not have much elixir remaining. Most likely they will send small troops to defend. Therefore, it is better to trade off and put pressure on them rather than defend passively and receive nothing.
  • This action will force them to send troops intended to be used for supporting Golem. In other words, you can manage to take down Golem himself without losing any Arena Tower’s HP.

In case they play the Pump + Golem combo, it is worth considering to take down the Elixir Collector by spell. In addition, Miner is a hard counter to Pump, so drop him immediately after their Pump is shown.

If you prefer aggressive style to defensive one, you can try using quick counter attack after your opponent places his Pump. This will prevent him from saving elixir for later Golem combo which is unstoppable by any means of troops.

2. Using building

Another great way to counter a Golem is by using building. Inferno Tower works incredibly well against solo Golem, and Tesla is also a viable choice. Taking out support units would be a simple task for Mortar as it can ignore the nearby Golem to hit other units hard.

More importantly, position of your buildings matter all the ways. For both aforementioned buildings, the best and exact spot is 4 tiles away from the river, allowing your defensive building and both Arena Towers to take him down. However, while you should place the Inferno Tower slightly in the opposite lane from Golem, it is more suitable for Tesla to be dropped in the center of your battleground.

The timer is vital. Playing reactively will allow your buildings to last longer and take more damage from Golem.

3. Using spell

Spells can be very useful in eliminating backend support units. Each spell can serve a unique purpose. While Poison is deadly against small and medium health troops, Fireball and Zap can synergize with each other very well to kill annoying units like Barbarians, Witch, Ice Wizard, Musketeer and Wizard. Keep in mind that Valkyrie + Freeze is a devastating combo to clear out support units in a blink of an eye.

4. High damage troop

Using single target, high damage troop against solo Golem is a viable option, in case you can effectively clear support units. A noticeable candidate here is Mini Pekka.

Let’s check out some live battle video to clearly understand how to counter golem

Video that show you how to counter Golem by Clash On Gan

Video that illustrate the way to beat Golem Decks by Doc Storm

Video that show some counter Golem gameplay and chest opening

Enjoy playing Clash Royale free as your lifestyle is! Effective ways to counter Golem Decks may help you set foot into Legendary Arena without too much trouble. Don’t forget to click Like, Subscribe and Comment below on if you have any concerns and contributions. Stay tuned and get yourself updated with daily Clash Royale Tactics videos, only on!

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