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How To Build A Perfect Clash Royale Battle Deck

I’ve received lots of questions about how to build 1 Clash Royale Perfect Battle Deck. This is the reason why I have this deck building guide to let you know the way to own a good deck and necessary units to help you build a favorite battle deck.

How to build a perfect Battle Deck – a question of any gamers when playing Clash Royale. Owning the perfect Clash Royale deck in low levels like level 3 or 4 and then focusing on an upgrade to get the advantage in Arena 6+ is very important.

Let’s follow to find out the rule of building a perfect battle deck for beginners and don’t forget to share your perfect deck with me and other guys!

1. What does Clash Royle winning deck need?

A good battle deck need have the rules below:

  • The cards need to support each other
  • Defense is as important as offense
  • Balance between Single-target and Multi-target units
  • Balance between troop/building and spell
  • Average Elixir cost should be between 3.8 and 4.5

2. Clash Royale Deck Archetype

Balanced: Use many kinds of cards such as Splash, Point cards and normal cards in different levels

Offensive: Use shield-meat units like Prince and Giants, combine Spell to get more advantage as well as force of normal cards in low level.

Offensive mixed: Combine between offense and building (such as X-Bow or Mortar) before Arena Tower.

Defensive: Use many kinds of defensive building and Elixir Collector to defend 100%, just use Spell to destroy opponent’s – the popular way in high level.

Swarm: Use Witch, Skeleton, Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Barbarian Hut… to block opponent. This maybe a cheap defense without clear vision but it is popular in low levels.

Supportive: Use the cards like P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Giant or Hog Rider to make Deck become strong and destroy Crown. Note: X-Bow deck is a supportive, not defensive deck.

Control: Use cheap Building and cards to block all the cards of opponent, then attack with Barbarian or Goblin Barrel.

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4. What units should Unbeatable deck have?

Unbeatable clash royale deck

An Unbeatable deck needs to ensure the balanced rule and have at least the number of cards below

Having at least

  • 2 point damage-inflicting cards
  • 3 splash damage-inflicting cards
  • 2 HP cards
  • 1 air-targeting troops/defense
  • 1 splash damage-inflicting Spell card
  • 1 defensive structure

5. Clash Royale Single-Target and Multi-target Units List

Single-Target and Multi-target Units

Clash Royale Air Defense and Building Units List

Building and Air Defense Units

Clash Royale – Ultimate Deck Building Guide for Beginners!

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