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Best Hog Rider + Prince Deck For Arena 5 And Above

Tired of PPP and Hog cycle deck? Why don’t we combine Hog + Prince combo together? If you are a fan of heavy offense fast paced deck, you are going to love this deck!

Overview: This deck would put a lot of pressure on your opponent. With 3 Epic cards which are Guards, Witch and Poison, combined with Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Elixir Collector and Giant, this deck have a quite high elixir cost relatively. The Hog and prince are your key cards and will obviously be used to push/counter and get crowns. The reason why this is very effective is because once you build an elixir lead or have double elixir, many players do not have a deck built to stop both hogs and princes and if they do, then it won’t be efficient for them.

Hog + Prince Deck Offensive Strategy

Some common combos here would be Hog + Fire Spirits, Hog + Minions, Hog + Baby Dragon or Prince + Fire Spirits, Prince + Minions, Prince + Baby Dragon or you can even combine those together. I recommend you not to deploy the Hog + Prince combo at the early stage, as you don’t know whether your opponent has counter or not. Instead, you should adapt to the situation. For example, against defensive buildings such as Cannon, you should use the Hog + Minions or Prince + Minions, and it is better to apply the Hog/Prince + Fire Spirits/Baby Dragon against swarms of troops.

Best counter to our Hog + Prince combo are air units such as Minions/Minion Horde. Therefore, you should ALWAYS include Fire Spirits in your push to get rid of them immediately.

Because of both Hog and Prince speed, we can effectively use the Double lane pressure strategy with those 2 Riders to make your opponent struggle with the defense decision. When you know the opponent has used a key defensive card, you should place spirits in the far back and throw prince in front of the spirits at the river, while throwing hog on the other lane as well, with a zap in hand for whichever lane makes most sense. In a big push, it is important to decide whether it is better to set up a counter push with Prince or to place prince at the river with support along with the Hog to head toward the Tower.

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Hog + Prince Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Baby Dragon, Minions, Skeletons, Cannon.

Against Hog Riders/Hog cycle deck/Hog Trifecta: Place Cannon in the middle Kill Zone to lure Hog, and use Minions coupled with Skeletons to kill him. Baby Dragon or Fire Spirits can be utilized to deal with support units behind the Hog.

Royal Giants: Must use Cannon to distract the Royal Giant, while dropping Prince and Minions to quickly get rid of him. If Royal Giant has already locked on Tower, use Zap on him to reset his target.

Payfecta deck (or at least 2 Legendaries out of those 3): When you see a coming Miner, drop Skeletons to the outer side/behind of the Arena Tower to distract the Miner. Meanwhile, Prince will wipe out Princess and Ice Wizard in 1 charge.

Spawners: Use Poison on both Huts and Towers, then execute our aforementioned combos.

Three Musketeers: Apply the Zap + Fire Spirits simultaneously on 3 Mus. Use Zap on them first, then immediately drop Fire Spirits to kill them as they are stunned now. You have to be quick since 3 of them can 1 shot each Spirit.

Furnace Deck: A relatively new deck that has been rising as a new trend in many tournaments. Unfortunately, our deck has few cards that counter it. Your best bet is to send Hog Rider/Prince to destroy or lower Furnace lifetime.

Giant Sparky/Royal Giant Sparky: Use Cannon to distract the Royal Giant, while dropping Prince and Minions to take him out. When Sparky nearly comes to her range, you can Zap her so as to reset her charge. 5 seconds later u can drop Skeletons to distract Sparky again.

Giant Balloon/LavaLoon: The same as above: Minions will be utilized to eliminate Balloon, while Prince will take care of Giant. Cannon will lure both troops to the middle and buy us some time.

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Hog + Prince Deck Tips

Zap is a very versatile skill in Clash Royale. Read the How to use Zap guide for more useful tips about this spell.

The Fire Spirits is good for killing Hordes, brutal against Barbarians. Often placed behind a push as insurance against both. Do decent chip damage if they reach the tower, but that’s a big ‘if’. check out How to Play and counter Fire Spirits.

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