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Classic Hog Rider + Freeze Cycle Deck

Back in about 2 months ago, Hog + Freeze combo used to be a meta deck.

Overview: Only Freeze as an Epic card and Hog + Mini Pekka as Rare cards, this deck only costs 3.0 elixir which is ideal for a cycle deck. With the combination of Ground and Air target units, this deck is very solid on dealing with every kind of deck archetype, while also excelling at pushing tower with the deadly Hog + Freeze combo!

Hog + Freeze Cycle Deck Offensive Strategy

The key to winning is doing efficient elixir trades and keeping your defending troops alive.

Barbarians and Minion Horde are great for countering this deck so if he used them, offensively counter with Mini Pekka and Fire Spirits and try to push with Hog before he get them back in rotation.

Smaller combos like an alone Hog + Fire Spirits / Skeletons or Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits / Minions. You must adapt to the situation to make right decisions. Dont repeat combo if the first one not work. Check out some common beginner mistakes to win with this deck.

Hog + Freeze Cycle Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Skeletons, Tesla, Minions, Fire Spirits.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck,Tesla should be dropped in the middle sweet spot to lure their tanks, and you can drop Mini P.E.K.K.A to take them off. Otherwise, you can do the double 1 lane pressure technique to force your opponent to defend, thus their tanks cannot receive backup further.

Spawner deck: Would be a bit tricky for our deck to deal with Spawner. Our Hog will constantly head toward the Hut while the spawned troops will crush him. It is better to immediately send out your Hog combo toward the other lane, as your opponent will not have enough elixir to deal with after placing the Hut.

PPP deck – Against those threat you must aggro them as much as possible. Use Skeletons to distract them with split defense technique, while placing Tesla to deal damage and lure them later, along with Minions to take them out faster. When they lock on the Tesla, use Zap to cancel the charge if necessary. Freeze + Mini P.E.K.K.A is your last option if you cannot defend that push.

Hog cycle deck – Against an alone Hog you can simply use a Tesla in the center sweet spot to kite him, and let the Arena Towers finish him off. If your opponent send out small combos with Hog, Minions + Zap + Skeletons should be fine to counter them.

Air-Beatdown – We can’t do much against this archetype of deck. Just drop Minions to snipe off those air units, Tesla to hit for extra damage and aggro them, while performing the double 1 lane pressure technique by Hog + Mini P.E.K.K.A + Freeze combo to put pressure on your opponent.

Control deck – Tough to play against, as they can defend effectively against our deck and immediately counter-attack with cards like Miner or Goblin Barrel. You should play safe and wait until the double elixir time to execute really big combo, as well as have sufficient elixir to defend properly.

You can check out Deck Archetype for more details about aforementioned words.

Hog + Freeze Cycle Deck Tips

Zap is an OP spell being the most popular card now in the top decks. Use it wisely depending on your opponent. For example, if they have PPP deck, you should save it for defense, otherwise use it in offense to grant your Hog some advantage. Read more How to use Zap in Clash Royale.

– How to use Freeze? The primary way I see making it work is to never use it until a very sneaky final push or only if you know you have your opponent caught with his pants down. If you fail to capitalize on a Freeze it hurts real bad and people will know how to play around it.

– An other Freeze tips: NEVER Freeze your opponent defending troops if your hog isn’t paired with mini pekka or fire spirits because he can counter push and destroy your tower. Unless its at the end of the match and you can take the tower down.

– Where the best place to put the Tesla is for both hog and RG? For Hog you can put it in the “kill zone” which is about 3-4 tiles up from the middle of the king tower so long as the hog wasn’t pig pushed or jumped from the edge of the screen. If that happens then you’ll have to reactively play it +1-2 squares from the kill zone left or right. I think in a yyarn video the exact placement after a pig push is less than 3 squares away from your arena tower. For RG you can actually play it in front of the arena tower if they’re pushing w/ minions, but good placement would be to either play it as one foot crosses the bridge (slightly higher and +1 square to the left or right from the killzone) or you can place it in the RG’s hitbox and make it retarget to the tesla.

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