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Superb Guards Deck and Strategy for Hog + Mini Pekka Cycle

With the 8% HP and damage buff in the May patch, as well as no more pushback when their shield breaks in the recent June patch, Guards has become an excellent counter to Sparky as they can survive from being 1-hit. They can fit really well into a Hog fast cycle deck.

Overview: My love for Guards has grown exponentially since the update and I think people are going to finally realize how good they are with the newly revealed Tournament Mode. Recently I had a lot of success with them in a hog push deck, replaced stab gobs with them and worked really well! With Only 1 epic card and a 3.1 elixir cost which means that it’ll be extremely easy for any of you guys to try out! Let’s watch some real battles by Ash to have a clearer overview xD

You can see Tier Card List and Cards List Sort By Popularity to know which card is used the most in the ladder meta. Also, check out other Guard Combo as Giant Guards, Golem Guards if you are not a big fan of Hog Decks.

Guards Deck Strategy for Arena 7 and 8

Alright, so how does this all work?! The insane strength of this deck comes from the fact that these three cards (Guards, Mini Pekka & Fire Spirits) can counter-push and exploit an elixir advantage like no other combo I’ve ever seen. For this reason, you want to play reactively and try to push the opposite lane that your opponent is pushing. The most common example of this is at the beginning of the game, if your opponent places down something expensive like an elixir collector, Giant, Sparky, Pekka or Golem, and you have the combo in you starting hand. With only ~4-6 elixir, there is very little that your opponent can play to effectively defend against this combo.

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Guards can participate in 2 roles:

  • Tanker: Skeletons serve as tanks. Ridiculous huh? But it is possible now with their shield protecting them from being 1-hit. Your Hog Rider and Mini Pekka will be able to take some extra hits before being eliminated.
  • Defensive troops: Extremely useful when facing against Sparky and Pekka. The main key here is to use your Guards wisely to protect your Hog/Mini Pekka from being attacked and allow them to hit tower freely, making them a scary pushing combo. Use other troops to defend and assist your push further.

Zap is also very important, as it provides extra time for both Hog and Mini Pekka to deal damage to tower. Within a single combo you can take a tower down if your opponent cannot react. You can check out our How to use Zap guide for more useful tips.

Hog Guards Mini Pekka Video Guide

Here are some actual gameplay footage of this awesome cycle deck presented by Ash. Take a look! hopes you enjoy exploring this Insane Hog Guards Deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment and Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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