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Goblin Barrel + Miner Combo – A Championship Deck!

With this Goblin Barrel + Miner deck, Ash – a well-known Clasher among top players – has won the hundred thousand gems Tournament, being awarded with 6000 cards!

Overview: Despite being a cheap deck with only 3.3 average elixir cost, this deck contains 3 Legendary cards which are Ice Wizard, Miner and Princess! Therefore, he also features another version of this deck, with only Miner as a Legendary, the other 2 are replaced by Spear Goblins and Fireball. We also have Mini Pekka as the only Rare card in this deck, followed by Zap, Minion Horde and Cannon.

Goblin Barrel + Miner Deck Offensive Strategy

  1. Combo:
    Barrel + Miner Combo! You should cast Miner on enemy tower first, then Barrel to have Miner tank for it. Remember not to deploy both units in the same spot to avoid being Zapped. Furthermore, a Princess shooting from the bridge can assist this combo really well since she can eliminate cheap counters to Miner.
    Mini Pekka + Miner is a good combo as Miner can tank defensive building, allowing her to deal massive damage.
    Barrel + princess: Deal chip damage when you have elixir advantage
    Miner + Minion Horde: After your opponent has used Zap on Barrel, this combo is viable to execute.
  2. It is ideal to have Goblin Barrel on your hand from the beginning. You can use it to test what cards opponent has and if you’re lucky do a good bit of chip damage. You should use it when you know zap or arrows is out of the opponent’s cycle. Drop it directly at the center of the tower to spread them, making defensive units travel for longer time to kill all of them. The best time to drop Barrel is when you opponent are in shortage of elixir after unsuccessful push.
  3. Miner can be used to take out enemy’s Pump, but ONLY when they have just deployed it. or else it will be an even trade as Pump has generated at least 1 elixir.
  4. Minion Horde is a decent defensive unit, yet being countered hard by Princess and Arrows. Try to bait their Arrows and distract the Princess to avoid unnecessary elixir waste.
  5. Only use Zap when you are in hurry to take down tower with your Barrel + Miner combo (10 seconds left, already lost 1 tower). However, Princess sniping our Barrel + Miner combo is an exception, do not hesitate to zap her and to have extra hits. Do not Zap defensive buildings, as Barrel and Miner can bypass them easily.
  6. Ice Wizard is our defensive unit, so don’t send him to the front unless your opponent are in shortage of elixir. In this case, Mini Pekka + Ice Wizard is pretty OP.
  7. You must REMEMBER your opponent’s prior used cards to plan your next push and avoid being countered. For ex: Only use Barrel when opponent doesn’t have Zap.

Goblin Barrel + Miner Deck Defensive Strategy

  1. Playing defensively and gaining elixir advantage is a key to success, as only Barrel + Miner are our main offensive troops. Against some units like Valkyrie or Musketeer our deck is very squishy. On the other hand, we should counter attack immediately if your opponent has heavy deck/build up deck.
  2. Barrel shouldn’t be used on defense AT ANY COST! In fact, you can utilize it to make a quick counter attack on the other lane to put pressure.
  3. If opponent’s Princess is too annoying, you can consider to make a counter attack with Miner taking her out followed by Mini Pekka and Barrel.
  4. Zap must be used with calculation. For ex: If your opponent has Miner, DO NOT use Zap on Minion Horde, as it will allow the Miner combo to crush your tower. When there are alone Goblins/Minions/Spear Goblins, just ignore it and save your elixir.
  5. Minion Horde is a decent defensive unit, yet being countered hard by Princess and Arrows. Try to bait their Arrows and distract the Princess to avoid unnecessary elixir waste.
  6. Ice Wizard is OP in defending! Paired with Princess they are cheap and devastating combo to defend, while you can counter attack with our Barrel Miner combo.

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