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Giant Push Deck – Never Let You Down

I was stuck in Arena 4 for a while and Giant push deck became my life saver.

Overview: Being stuck in the Pekka’s playhouse is really disappointed. If you constantly being paired against level 8s with level 3-4 epics, level 9 commons, level 5-7 rares, sometimes ice wizard and/or lava hound, etc. Then, you should try out this push deck. With the combo Giant, Valkyrie, and Musketeer, this deck can lead your opponent to death. Moreover, it can bring you 300 trophies and help you move to Spell Valley within a few hours.

Decklist details:

The Giant push deck list

Giant: The main tank in this deck. You would like to place it in front of the ranged troops and behind the AoE clear (like Valkyrie). Mine is at level 5, but above 3 is acceptable. You can replace Giant with Giant Skeleton or Pekka.

Tips: the best time to drop Giant: when you have a full elixir bar. Giant combo just works well when Giant goes with a support unit.

Valkyrie: This is the main aoe clear. Place her in front of your push to deal with most of spawner decks, respond to Skeleton Army or counter to Giant. My Valkyrie is at level 4, but above 3 is okay. You can replace her with Bomber or Baby Dragon if you want.

Musketeer: This card is your secret weapon. It can deal massive amount of damage when your enemy targets your tank. Place Musketeer behind your push. Archers may work well as a replacement if your Archer and Musketeer are at the same level.

Spear Goblins: This is a quality card as it can play many roles. As a counter, Spear Goblins can take down a Balloon. In pushes, it can go behind your Musketeer and deal with your opponent’s counter. Archers may work as a replacement.

Skeleton Army: When you have trouble with Prince and/or Hog, Skeleton Army is a great way to counter those two. Moreover, in a stressful overtime match, it also helps to bait the Arrow. If you don’t have Skeleton Army, Barbarians work great as a replacement.

Minion Horde: Minion Horde is a way to shut down pushes. However, it can be knocked out easily by Arrow, Fireball, or Baby Dragon, be careful when using it. They are meant to shut down pushes from Barb, Giant, or Hog. As it’s one of the best cards in the deck, there is no other replacement.

Fireball: When your opponent use Barbs and Witch to counter your push, then Fireball will be the next great move. While your competitor loose the expensive counter, you win the elixir trade. Whatever your fireball level is, it works. There is no replacement for this card.

Arrows: This is an all-kill card, you can win the game when using it wisely. First, you drop Giant+Musketeer+Spear Goblins, your competitor will counter them with Minion Horde. Then, you drop Arrow to counter the Minion Horde. The enemy’s tower will be close to dead, this means the game’s pretty much over.

How to use Giant push deck as push and counter

Push strategy

As you know, a good push is made from 3 components: aoe clear, tank, and ranged troop. The basic version is Valkyrie + Giant + Musketeer. However, in some different types of deck in Pekka’s playhouse, you may consider these different sets of pushes as below.

  1. Spawner: Valkyrie + Giant + Spear Goblins and/or Fireball backup
  2. Hog + Freeze: Giant + Musketeer + Arrows backup
  3. Push decks: Valkyrie + Giant + Fireball and/or Arrows backup

Counter strategy
If you use this deck as a simple counter, there’re a few rules.

Rule #1

Minion Horde is a must-have card to stop the push. Whenever you have a chance (not attacking or building elixir), filter for horde. Horde counters almost every push except one from a wizard. Remember that wizards destroy Minion Horde and wizards only appear after you break 1250 trophies.

Rule #2

Whatever you do, kill witches first. They completely shut down most counters but Minion Horde. You would like to use Musketeers, Valkyries, and Fireballs to deal with witches.

Rule #3

Be free to use Fireball. If you have to deal with the push from Barbs + Valkyrie or something along those lines, use Fireball to shut down their pushes. You may loose 100-200 damage, but it’s still a 4 for 9 trade!

Rule #4

Giant is the super hero to counter the pushes. He is strong. Use him to kill troops before they target your tower. Do not use it too often, when there’s 10 seconds left, you may close out the game with this card.

Giant Push Deck Video Guide

Note: There are some card replacements. hopes you enjoy exploring the Giant push deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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