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Giant Balloon Threat Beatdown Deck – An In-depth Guide

Giant Balloon, or GiLoon in short, is an old but gold combo being used by many Clashers. Being unlocked at Arena 2, thus even low level players can also utilize this combo. I wrote this guide to show you an in-depth overview on how to use this Giant Balloon accordingly.

Overview: Alongside our 2 cores Giant + Balloon, we also have Valkyrie and Archers to support the push further, while adding Arrows, Minions, Barbarians and Cannon for defense. This deck costs rather high elixir with the average of 3.9, making it hard to use the GiLoon combo, provided that we don’t have Elixir Pump in this deck. Many Clashers could play this F2P deck as all cards are accessible from Arena 3 and there is no Legendary.

Now let’s take a look on some strengths and weaknesses of this deck

GiLoon Pros

Flying – Balloon is invulnerable against Goblins, Mini Pekka, or Barbarians, all of which are popular cards amongst the 2k+ trophy mark.

Targeting – Both Giant and Balloon only target buildings, making them only be aggroed by defensive buildings.

Damage – This combination deal massive damage to Arena Towers. A lvl 1 Balloon can do 600 damage in a single hit to the Tower!

Death Damage – The bomb dropped from Balloon upon death can clear troops focusing on and walking into it.

GiLoon Cons

Hit Speed/Move Speed – Both cores have average speed only. Particularly, Balloon has the 3 secs hit speed! They move pretty slowly that opponent would have time to plan the defense.

HP – As a tank, the Balloon is outclassed in HP by most other tanks. However we won’t place Balloon in the front at all, instead it will be dropped behind the Giant and serve as a support-but-deadly unit.

Giant + Balloon Deck Offensive Strategy

There are few types of pushing combos in this deck, including hereafter:

Full push – Requires lots of elixir, and may only be possible in the double elixir time.

Drop the Giant behind your Arena Tower. This push takes a lot of elixir so you want as much time as possible to regenerate it.

Add a support troop. Minions or Archers are generally chosen to be placed behind Giant as they can target both ground and air units. If you know that they don’t have air troops, Valkyrie can do her job really well behind the giant because she can stand behind the Giant and wipe out troops in front of him. The important thing to remember here is that the Giant needs to cross the bridge first and tank for other support units.

In case you can manage your elixir and are confident enough to play aggressively, just drop Balloon behind Giant.

Once you have thrown that combo into opponent’s field, he will likely deploy combos to defend. Usually the most effective counter is Minion Horde + a defensive building to kite our cores. Just prepare your Arrows, hover to the location and pre-arrow his Horde immediately as they can take down your Balloon really fast.

Balloon Half Push – Play the Balloon right behind a Valkyrie.

Giant Half Push – A giant followed by archers will is very difficult to counter even without the balloon can still deal massive damage to the opponent.

Instant Push – Get 10 elixir and place giant right at bridge and immediately place balloon on his head, then hover arrows. This push is insane if they don’t have air defense ready.

REMEMBER: Try to avoid pushing when they have, or you know for sure that they have buildings available on hand.

Giant + Balloon Deck Defensive Strategy

Your defensive cores: Barbarians, Valkyrie, Cannon, Minions.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck (Giant push) – Drop barbs or gobs out of range of the opponents support troops, then throw a Valkyrie right into the middle of support troops. Valkyrie should be able to tank and eliminate those units why Barbs can take down the Tank quite easily. Place Cannon if needed.

Spawner deck – If the throw a barbarian hut, immediately use everything you have into pushing the other lane. They will be seven elixir behind you, so you should be able to take their tower. Afterward just play defensively.

PPP deck – Use Barbarians to tank damage and Archers/Valkyrie to finish them off. You can place Cannon to support further.

Hog cycle deck – Against an alone Hog you can simply use a Cannon in the center sweet spot to kite him, and let the Arena Towers finish him off. If your opponent send out small combos including Hog, add Archers/Minions to your defense depends on type of troops.

Air-Beatdown – We can’t do much against this archetype of deck. Just drop Archers to snipe off those air units and perform the double 1 lane pressure technique by our GiLoon combo to put pressure on your opponent.

Control deck – Hard counter against our deck, as they can defend effectively against our combos and immediately counter-attack with cards like Miner or Goblin Barrel. You should play safe and wait until the double elixir time to execute really big combo, as well as have sufficient elixir to defend properly.

We have a list of terminologies in Clash Royale for those who have no idea what the aforementioned words are.

Giant + Balloon Deck Tips

Once one tower is down, play the giant followed immediately by balloon right at the corner on their side of the map. As close to the second tower as you can. It’s the area that opens up once you take a tower. This is an insanely short path to the tower and they will often panic.
Avoid defense towers. If you place the balloon at the very furthest side, 2 tiles behind the river and behind the little nook that touches the river it will dodge right past a centered defense structure. But until they show that they have a structure, play it on the Giant’s head as this is safer and faster.

Giant + Balloon Deck Video Guide hopes you enjoy exploring the F2P Best Decks No Without Legendary Cards. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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