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5 Common Mistakes – You Are Not A Robot, Play Smart

Clash Royale Beginner Guide – Top 5 Common Mistakes That Any Newbie Need To Improve Your Gameplay.

Hello, I’m a F2P player, started a couple days after the worldwide release – currently lvl 6 at ~1800 trophies, by no means a pro but a lot of friends have been playing after I started and just wanted to just point out a few common mistakes. I won’t discuss the elixir counting / average elixir cost / deck composition as there are tons of articles on those areas already, just making a couple observations so feel free to correct me.

1. Stay calm, trade one for one whenever possible

Panic casting – It has been noted that when beginners see high damage cards such as Prince / Hog / Balloon / X-bow that they instantly panic and throw everything at it. This often results in a saved tower, but most cases this puts you at a major disadvantage and vulnerable to a 2nd attacks (ie goblin barrel / hog in other lane). My recommendation is always to look at your cards and find the best counter card (or 2 cards max) for the threat, don’t be afraid to let your towers take a little damage, they have 2000 health and letting the tower’s health drop to 1000 is not the end of the world.

2. Losing a tower may be better than losing your attack.

Tower management – This brings me to my second observation. Many beginners are afraid to lose a tower because they are worried that when it goes into overtime it will be a 1-0 loss. That is a possible reality, however if you are pushing one lane and the other player pushes the other, I would often push harder, most of the time, this results in a loss of 1 tower but the opponent would have lost 1 tower as well. I find that if I rush to defend, most of the time my push goes to waste and I still lose the tower due to me spending a substantial amount of elixir (say Giant + bomber – 8 elixir) in one lane already and still trying to use my remaining elixir to go against the full push of my opponent. You should read more about Double Lane Pressure.

3. Opponent not doing anything does not mean he/she was disconnected

Clear battlefield – When the battlefield is clear, it typically means your opponent is waiting his elixir to fill up, OR he’s waiting for you to make a move first. Many beginners take this as a chance to put something down first, not sure why, but this rarely works. Do not rush to put a unit as soon as you see the battlefield clear up, unless you have 10 elixir and you have a plan, just wait till your elixir bar fills up, dropping a dragon / prince right when you have 5 elixir is probably going to result in your unit being killed by something cheap like goblins or archers.

4. You are not a robot, play smart

Be flexible with your deck – Another thing I noted is many beginners only have one tactic. Typical examples are the Giant Decks. In first push they may go with Witch behind Tower, drop a Giant in front, add spears or a bomber or musk behind. First time around my tower takes a little damage, but not enough to make it a threat (for me this means the tower still has >1000 health), then they use the same identical tactic again, I fireball the entire crew, leaving the Giant alone, and it turn this to a counter push, they are able to defend but I take out ½ a tower as well. Third time around the opponent uses the same tactic AGAIN. At this point I am completely prepared and take the push down and take down his tower. My recommendation is if you find you are losing the push battle, see if you can try something slightly different, maybe drop a tower, or switch lanes and try prince + witch, anything to not let your opponent read through you.

5. Know your opponent

Count cards – The opponent has 8 cards they can use, which cycles through, remember what they are. Many beginners are so focused on their own cards and getting a tower they don’t care what their opponents cast, if you are able to remember the cards this puts you at a significant advantage. Take goblin barrel for instance, everyone knows that the best counter for this card is arrows, and gives the opponent a 1 elixir gain for 50 tower health. If you know the opponent has arrows, wait until he uses it and toss your goblin barrel shortly after, the majority of the time you will get at least 250 – 300 damage to the tower instead of 50. You should know Deck Archetype to predict ur opponent strategy.

There are many more little observations I have made and I can write more if this is well received. Forgive me if it seems like common sense.

See you in arena 8!

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