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Furnace Hog Combo Deck – Fun To Play

Today I am going to show you a funny Furnace deck in Clash Royale which works great in Arena 6 and above. You should give it a try and make your Clash Royale experience more interesting!


Furnace Card – Popping little suicide bombers on the clock and with ease. These little bastards will shred hordes and crowds of dinky troops, a thing necessary for the Pekka’s easy distraction. It is unlocked in Arena 5. It releases 2 Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. Although this is a Furnace deck, the main star here is still an extremely common Hog Rider. With the presence of 2 Epic cards which are Baby Dragon and Giant Skeleton, the average elixir cost is 4.0 which is somewhat quite high. After the recent buff in the elixir cost, it becomes a viable option for those who are sick enough to die of playing Royal Giant or Hog Rider.

Check clash royale the most used cards if you are not a Furnace fan.

Furnace Hog Combo Deck Strategy For Arena 6+

The main idea of this Furnace deck is to combine tanky cards together with Fire Spirits from Furnace to snipe enemy Towers HP gradually, then finish them off by fast troops like Mini Pekka or Hog Rider.

Start your push with a Furnace between your Arena Towers (if available at the start of the match) and use small combos such as Hog/Mini Pekka/Baby Dragon + Fire Spirits. Read more Zap Guide to use Zap effectively and deal as much damage as possible. The unique feature of Cycle Deck is that with an Elixir Pump you can quickly cycle through the lower cost troops to make way for that offensive hog push, and because you cycle quicker than your opponent, it can be effective elixir wise. This can be even more dangerous when combining with Furnace, which can deal splash damage, to take out the support troops for your tanky troops (Hog, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka). You should also read Gameplay Tips to avoid some stupid beginner mistakes.

During defence, Furnace can be utilised as a distraction to Barbarians/Knight/Minion Horde. Being put together with Mini Pekka, Baby Dragon or even a Giant Skeleton, they can provide you very impressive counter push in the early stage of the game. Victory in the x2 period relies heavily on the Elixir Collector, thus the Cycle Deck relying on tanky card is very risky. Any wrong position of any troops will put you in huge disadvantage and can result in being defeated. Read more How to counter if you dont know how to deal with some meta decks.

Dropping Pump in the right time is very crucial. You can see in the video below that the best time to place down the Elixir Collector is when your opponent wastes his elixir. Deploying it too early and you cannot avoid losing Tower’s HP, a big disadvantage if your opponent also uses Pump.

You also can try out some Fire Spirits Decks if Furnace is not a good fit.

Furnace + Hog Deck Video hopes you enjoy exploring this Hog Furnace Deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategy guides.

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