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Unique Fire + Ice Combo – The Spiritual Deck!

Finally, Fire Spirits has their own brother in the latest patch after being lonely for a period of time. With the Ice Spirit + Fire Spirits combo, we have a really fast cycle deck with great flexibility and utilities.

1. Fire and Ice Spirit Deck No Legend

Hog/Mini Pekka + Fire/Ice Spirit combo for a push, so that would force my opponent to drop Barbs or a Building, allow the hog to deal damage to a building or even his tower, in case he doesn’t have a building such as Cannon, Inferno Tesla, etc.

If you know that he has the Barbs, you can load up on elixir and drop a Hog + Fireball where you think the Barbs will be placed at and immediately use Zap, this will be expensive, but it’s worth it, you’ll spend 10 elixir but at big risks come big rewards, say you take down his barbs, what is he going to counter your Hog with? Minions or Minion Horde probably, if he does, you can easily zap them all.

I also use the Mini Pekka + Fire Spirits combo, it’s about the same as the Hog + Ice Spirit combo, if they see a Mini Pekka, they’d like to counter it with something cheap, like Minions, if you place Fire Spirits right behind the Mini Pekka, they’ll take the Minions down, if he zaps your Fire Spirits and drops Goblins, you can zap them all, and allow your Mini Pekka to reach the tower and deal heavy damage to it. See more Mini Pekka Decks here.

How about Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit combo, it works excellent, say he uses Minions or Minion Horde, the Ice Spirit will freeze all of that for 2 full seconds, and you can zap them or wait for him to drop something else and zap all their units as well.

Tanky Push: As you may already know, Mini Pekka can counter Valkyrie, Musketeer, Giants, Wizards, Witch, Miner and so many other troops. If you’ve already used your Mini Pekka and he has a big push coming at you, you can use your Inferno Tower, to take down Giants, Golem, Pekka, Balloon, Lava Hound.

Sparky Wizard Push: you can zap it and immediately drop the Mini Pekka to counter it, but you’ll rarely see a Sparky by itself, they will often place it behind a Tank, so you can pull the Tank with the Inferno and Zap Sparky and then place your Mini Pekka down so you can counter it, or you can also counter Sparky with the Minions, beware of Splash Units behind Sparky, such as Wizard and Witch or Princess

Giant + Balloon Push: you will place your inferno down, if the inferno targets onto the Balloon first, you’ll be fine, since you can counter the Giant with the Mini pekka + Minions, but if the Inferno locks onto the Giant first, you can use the Ice Spirit to gaint some time for the Inferno to take it down, or you can also Zap it, or place your Minions down to counter it

If my opponent drops barbs, and I have the Zap on my hand, the Fire Spirits + Zap combo will take care of the barbs allowing the Hog to deal some huge damage to their tower, unless they drop some other troop to counter it.

It can also be countered by using a Mini Pekka, but if your opponent uses Mini Pekka, you can counter it with Minions, if your opponent zaps them, that won’t kill them, if he pairs the Mini Pekka with something else like a giant or a Hog or Valkyrie you could use the Inferno Tower to counter it.

If they use a Hog you can zap the cheap units behind the Hog and counter it with the Mini Pekka

Use the Fireball properly, If you see troops behind a Tank, you can Fireball them, if he has Barbs you can use your Fire Spirits, if you’ve already used them, don’t worry, you can Fireball them all, but, wait for the Barbs to cross the bridge, just in case your opponents drops a Splash Units behind the Barbs to support them so you can take an even greater elixir advantage by using the Fireball.

Pig push with Ice spirit

First drop down the ice spirit in the shown spot and then drop the hog, the spirit will go forward and block the hog from the side of pig push. .

Legendary Arena F2P Hog Ice Spirit Mini Pekka Cycle

Same concept with different support troops.

2. Fire and Ice Spirit Deck With Princess

For those who do not own the Princess, you can make a replacement with Archers.

Fire and Ice Deck Offensive Strategy

Our main combos would be Hog + Fire + Ice Spirit, Hog + Goblins + Fire. Smaller combos are also viable, such as Hog + Goblins, or Hog + Fire Spirits.

In case you don’t have Hog at the beginning, Princess is a possible choice to bait out your opponent’s defensive cards. Keep defending and cycle through until you get Hog. Start our main combos as mentioned.

Goblins, Minions and Barbarians are the usual counters to Hog in general. Fire and Ice Spirit are fantastic against them, as they together deal huge splash damage and disable them, letting your Hog Rider attack for at least 2 more seconds before dying. Hog Rider plus Goblins will work. Hog Rider plus Ice Spirit or Hog Rider plus Fire Spirit will work as well.

In high arenas if you make the slightest mistake you can dig urself in a severe elixir hole, and lose! Read more Gameplay tips Clash Royale.

Fire and Ice Deck Defensive Strategy

Your main defensive cores are Princess, Minion Horde, Inferno Tower and Archers for those who don’t have Princess.

Use the Princess to clear the swarms away. In case you do not have the Princess, deploy your Archers at the middle and use the split defensive technique.

You can use the Inferno Tower to counter tank-beatdown/air-beatdown deck and tank units like the Royal Giant, Lava Hound, Golem, Giant, Balloon.

Minion Horde is a versatile card that can be utilized both in offense and defense. It is possible to use Minion Horde to take out tank units and perform a quick counter-attack.

Anyway, going back to the counter attack, just before your Minion Horde crosses the river, deploy your Hog Rider. Hog Rider will tank the damage from the crown tower. Minion Horde will deal huge damage to the crown tower and even destroy it if your opponent did not defend correctly. As I mentioned earlier, this deck is really flexible. Use any of your card for defense except the Hog Rider.

Fire and Ice Deck Tips

Use Zap whenever your Hog Rider is near your opponent’s crown tower to stun the tower and nearby troops, allowing your Hog Rider to land an extra hit. Read more Clash Royale Zap Guide

Make sure to deploy Inferno Tower once it is in range of Royal Giant since he can out ranges the Inferno Tower.

Beware of Arrows when using Minion Horde on defense. If your opponent has it, it will be safer to deploy the Inferno Tower. Also try to bait their arrows before deploying Horde.

Fire and Ice Deck Video hopes you enjoy exploring the Fire and Ice deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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