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Basic Guide on Epic Sunday Event In Clash Royale

I assume that a remarkable proportion of newbies would wonder what Epic Sunday is.

What is Epic Sunday?

In a daily rotation, each player can buy up to 100 Commons, 50 Rares, 10 Epics, or 3 Legendaries, at increasing prices once one of the respective card rarities are bought. The prices of Common Cards start at 2 coins, while the Rares start at 20 coins, the Epics start at 2,000 coins and the legendaries start at 40,000 coins respectively.

Epic Sunday is a weekly event occurring every Sunday in which every player have access to 6 different cards in shop, making a variety of choices!

The shop doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get one Common, one Rare and one Epic card on a normal day. You can get 3 Commons on the same too. Same applies to epic Sunday. These cards will be replaced in daily rotation, so if you wish to buy a card which is not showed up yet, you have to wait until at least the next day.

The card rarities in the shop are randomly chosen on normal days. But on Sunday 2 Epics are guaranteed.

In my opinion, Supercell should enable the Epic card donation requests on Sunday. Requests are limited to 1 Epic card per request, and the cooldown on the Request timer is 24-hours instead of the normal 8-hours if an Epic card is requested. This limits players to receiving 1 Epic through donations per week.

Should you buy cards from the shop?

If you are in Arena 9, the shop will randomly show up a Legendary Card for sale. Compare to buying a Super Magical Chest for around 40% chance of getting a Legendary, purchasing it from the shop for 40.000 coins gains much more profit as 4600 gems for a SMC chest are equivalent to more than 100.000 coins. In addition, it is 100% guaranteed to get a Legendary card. I have seen many people regretting their decisions on buying an inappropriate Legendary. You must consider which Legendary you really need in your deck. Read our Legendaries Comparison for more information.

Also, you will have opportunity to buy Epic cards necessary to upgrade in your deck, as you can get them immediately by a few taps. As you will find it difficult to have sufficient Epics to upgrade, getting them from shop is your best bet. Just keep in mind that the price will increase arithmetically for each extra same care rarity, thus you should only purchase around 10 – 15 cards per day totally.

It is recommended that you should buy 2 – 3 Common or Rare cards per day, so you can donate them to get some experience and extra coins. hopes you enjoy exploring the Clash Royale Epic Sunday tip. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this tip and dig in more daily Clash Royale videos.