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[Updated] Download Latest Clash Royale APK File For Android

Clash Royale is now available in APK format with version 1.4.1 for Android.

Clash Royale is a real time strategy game, where you compete with other players online in intense battles. The latest Clash Royale APK for Android version 1.4.1 is now available so if you want to play it on you Android you can download it easily.

Clash Royale July Version APK Download

Clash Royale Quick Review

Clash of Clans has become a phenomenon all around the world because of its addictive gameplay and the competitiveness it offers to players. On March 2016, Supercell once again released another blockbuster called Clash Royale, a real time strategic card game between 2 players, and after few months it reached 50 million downloads on both iOS and Android platform!

Today I will make a quick review to show you how awesome this game is in terms of gameplay and features.

Clash Royale Overview

Basically, the gameplay is somewhat similar to other card games such as Hearthstone or Yugioh!, where 2 players have to compete using their decks to defeat their opponent by taking down either an Arena Tower or even King Tower. Each deck contains 8 cards out of 58 cards available in Clash Royale, which you can unlock further by entering higher Arenas. Winning battles is the only to claim Trophies and reach higher Arenas, while you will be punished some Trophies if losing either.

Unlike Clash of Clans where you fight someone yet actually you just attack their base, in Clash Royale you participate in a real battle with somebody else simultaneously. Cards are actually troops being deployed during battle to fight against opponent, and most of them resemble unit presented in Clash of Clans.

Cards can be categorized in 2 ways. In terms of rarity, we have Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. On the other hand, in regard to card type there are troops, spells and buildings. In order to upgrade cards, you must have sufficient duplicate cards and some gold to make it happen.

Chest is the new feature of this game. By winning match or waiting for a few hours, you will receive chests in which you can find for yourself some gold, gems as well as cards.

Why Should I Play Clash Royale?

  • A simplified and animated Hearthstone version, appropriate for everyone. Even girls can adapt to this game without too much struggling,
  • However, this game is still very competitive in higher Arenas. Every action counts in your victory. Powerful and expensive card can be countered by their cheap counterparts if being played and deploy properly, like the classic Rock – Paper – Scissor game.
  • Bunch of cards for you to mix up your deck. Numerous probabilities can occur provided that you can only have 8 out of 54 cards in your deck. Each individual’s deck is unique!
  • A real match only last for a maximum of 4 minutes, so it is not as time-consuming as other RTS games. It is possible to achieve the highest Arena by playing just a few hours per day. Furthermore, matchmaking system works perfectly and you only have to wait for seconds to find match.
  • A Free-to-play game! With sufficient skills and knowledge, you can achieve really high Arenas and claim considerable Trophies until you are willing to pay to progress further in Clash Royale.

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