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Double Lane Pressure Strategy – An In-depth Guide

Hi guys! Today I will show you an advanced strategy in Clash Royale called Double Lane Pressure. It is quite simple yet very useful, as defending against big push is easier than ever! Check it out.

What is Double Lane Pressure

Basically, it is a special strategy in which you attack and put pressure on both enemy’s lane, forcing them to split their troops or leave a lane alone and vulnerable to your push.

This is an advanced strategy requiring the ability to assume opponent’s strategy. You could lose Tower if you miscalculation.

Particularly, double 1 lane pressure is the action where you push the other lane while your opponent send troops in one lane. In contrast, double 2 lane pressure is much more active, since you will take a lead and attack both lanes simultaneously. You must choose between 2 targets: Lowering Tower’s HP or being determined to take down Tower at once.

Many Clashers mistake Double Lane Pressure to Counter Pushing. To be specific, it is called Counter Pushing when you deploy defensive troops to deal with enemy’s push without dying, then utilizing them to push back that lane.

It is not that straightforward to grasp this technique. Yet once we have, victory is ours!

When should you use double 1 lane pressure

When your opponent deploys expensive troops such as Pekka, Giant, Golem, Sparky, or when they place Huts, then you should push hard on the other lane. If you don’t, they will have enough time to gather elixir and drop other support troops, forming a strong combo and thus cannot be countered. Double 1 lane pressure would force the opponent to split their troops to defend.

However, it is recommend not to spend all your elixir on pushing. It is a risky move and if we cannot take down the Tower, and the Tank reach our Tower without struggling, it is likely that we lose the match.

This strategy cannot be applied against hog push. We will execute the Counter Pushing strategy instead if our opponent do so.

Similarly, against an expensive support troop such as Witch, Wizard… you must prepare for a big push by putting pressure on the other lane.

When should you use double 2 lane pressure

You should Attack both lanes when your combo will be definitely countered if focusing on 1 lane. This technique perfectly suits combos in which troops have same roles such as Hog + Prince, Giant + Hog, Giant + Prince, Giant + Balloon, Lavaloon. The reason is simple: these combos can only take effects when reaching Tower, and are extremely vulnerable against air units.

Your opponents cannot execute Counter Pushing strategy because of elixir shortage when they take pressure from our double 2 lane strategy.

An example for you guys: We have a Hog + Prince combo. What we have to do is to drop a single Hog on 1 lane, and deploy a Prince on the opposite one along with support units. If they choose to split their army, we win because both Hog and Prince can do a decent amount of damage to Tower before dying. If not, then a Tower is ours.

Double Lane Pressure Video hopes you enjoy exploring the Double Lane Pressure guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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