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Donating Cards In Clash Royale – More Beneficial Than Expected!

In Clash Royale, donating cards is one of the most important features of Clans, along with Requesting. So should we donate cards to other members in our Clans?

Donation Limit:

You can donate for a certain number of cards per request based on your current Arena. Donations have rewards in exchange: Donating a common card will give you 1 XP and 5 Gold, while donating a Rare Card and you will be rewarded 10 XP and 50 Gold.

There is, however, a Daily Donation Limit. It is a restriction preventing players from donating numerous cards per day, which also means that you cannot earn a lot of Gold and Experience. Each player can donate at a maximum of 60 cards per day, being equivalent to 300 Gold and 60 XP. A common card counts as 1 card donated, while a rare card worth x10 a common one. In other words, you can only donate at a maximum of 6 rare cards per day. Furthermore, each request can only be fulfilled with 2 common or 1 rare cards.

Why Should You Donate Cards

Newbies always wonder what we can benefit from donating cards to other members. Of course it is obvious to ask what we would receive if we only give away to the others. In fact, investing in donation portfolio would bring various profits to us.

  1. Tougher Clan: Why do people keep requesting cards? To make their decks stronger! Being able to level up cards then they will have more opportunities to win battles and claim trophies, thus increasing Clan trophies.
  2. Leveling up quickly: As I have mentioned, donation gives you Gold and Exp! Just a single tap and you will instantly gain 5 golds, then why do we hesitate to donate when you have to spend time winning a battle and only gain around 5 to 20 golds?The gold you gain will allow you to upgrade and buy cards from shop, while the Exp are fundamental to level up. One thing you should keep in mind that your Crown Towers HP and damage will increase for 10% every time you level up!
  3. Being donated back: When you donate cards to other Clashers in your Clan, it is likely that you will be paid back if you give a request on your needed cards. No more waiting for Free Chest and receiving unfavourable cards! And what if you don’t give a fuck about others requests? It is just a matter of time until being kicked from Clan.

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