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Tesla vs Cannon vs Inferno Tower – A Defense Showdown!

Tesla, Cannon and Inferno Tower have become the top priority defensive building to be included in many players decks because of their utilities and how strong they are when combined with other cards.

Today I will illustrate the main features, pros and cons of each building and how to choose a suitable one based on your current decks.

  • Cannon

The earliest unlocked defensive building in Clash Royale, which is available from Arena 3. Cannon is the cheapest building you can find as it costs only 3 elixir, alongside the pretty long attack range, make it a viable choice for many top players as the current meta prefer Cycle Deck to quickly cycle to the main card. However, it can only target ground troops, making it vulnerable to air units, yet still being used by pro players which I will discuss later.

Cannon is commonly used in Beatdown deck, where most of elixir are spent on the big push. This is extremely risky if your opponent has a decent defensive deck and is able to execute counter push, and Cannon is definitely your lifesaver. The most important thing about Cannon is that it can aggro units toward even if it is placed a bit closer to the other lane, which is very useful as it will allow both Arena tower to hit enemy units.

  • Tesla

Being unlocked at Arena 4 and providing a solid anti ground + air units with only 4 elixir. Interestingly, it will hide itself when there is no nearby troop, making it a hard counter to spells such as Poison or Fireball.

With higher HP in comparison with the equivalent leveled Cannon, some people definitely think that this is far more superior than its counterpart in every aspect. However, in higher Arena, costing only 3 elixir make Cannon a safer bet, as you will have more elixir to drop other troops to reinforce your defense. Targeting air and having better range will not be enough to justify the extra cost, and will only be used by decks that have no chance at all against air troops without it. A Cannon lure to the center + Minions or Musketeer can defend against an air attack, so most decks should be able to deal with it while still using the lower elixir one.

Nevertheless, Tesla is still a decent option and fits well into many decks for the aforementioned reasons.

Commonly, Tesla is utilized in control deck, countering your opponent attacks with Elixir-positive trades which then you can use 2-3 card line of play to take an Arena Tower with your excess Elixir.

  • Inferno Tower

Probably one of the most dangerous defensive buildings in Clash Royale. The best part of the Inferno Tower is that the damage increases over time, so it is one of the toughest buildings to take out unless you possess an AOE attack.

The best attacks to execute against the Inferno Tower would be swarm troops. With a hit speed of 0.4 seconds, ground units are not the way to go. Though the hit speed is very fast, even this tower can’t destroy everything at once. Throw bunch of troops at it for distraction, and even the smallest units may surprise you.

With these aforementioned features, this building suits best in defensive and cheap decks, as these ones suffer from countering big push, including tanky cards such as Golem, Giant, Lava Hound. Therefore, Inferno is your best bet to take them out ASAP.


In general, every building has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is not the matter of the card itself, but the matter of your deck and your playstyle! Do not hesitate to try something new. At first you may fail for several times, however you will be much better, much more in-depth understanding about your deck, and thus be able to make a right choice.

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