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Deck Building Guide: The Slot Method

Clash royale deck building guide comes from MWolverine63. Thanks for making this! It’s a great guide!

In this deck building guide, I’m going to outline how I approach deck building, tweaking, and evaluating. I’m not a master, so feel free to let me know in the comments what I’ve missed! It’s general enough that almost all decks should fit under the guide, but some decks may not.

With that being said, let’s get to it!

If you would like me to analyze your deck in the comments, feel free to write it out!


1. Slot Definitions

Slot [1]: Win Condition
Slot [2]: Win Condition #2
Slot [3]: Win Condition Support
Slot [4]: Main Defense
Slot [5]: Defensive Support
Slot [6]: The Runner
Slot [7]: Versatile Response Card
Slot [8]: Spell

2. Deck Examples:

Hog Trifecta
Giant/Sparky Beatdown
Giant/Guards Beatdown
Golem Beatdown
Miner/Furnace Cycle
PEKKA Double Prince Beatdown
Royal Giant Beatdown
Siege Beatdown

See more about Deck Archetype

3. Testing Decks:

1. Test in Friendlies with people near your trophy level
2. Test in a tourney
3. Test in the ladder after you are comfortable with the deck
4. Look back and see which decks you regularly lost to. If it was the same person, take it with a grain of salt as that person might just have an edge on you in skill.

That’s all I’ve got, thanks for reading!

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