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Figuring Out How to Counter Sparky!

You can use troops such as Guards, Dark Prince or Skeletons to effectively counter Sparky Deck, in addition flying units such as Minions Horde or Freeze Spell.

Sparky users do not usually drop Sparky down unless they have support troops and spells such as Wizard or even Giant. If you plan to go with a heavy push, you will have to let your opponent attack first and you should play defensively. In case you want to avoid being overwhelmed to counter, rushing the weak side is a good way to prevent them from using 13 elixir to build up the new combo.

With Guards and Dark Prince shields, they are able to survive a hit from Sparky, and also deal moderate damage to it. For the Skeletons, surround Sparky and it should only shoot one of the Skeletons. The rest of the Skeletons should take out Sparky before it charges another shot.

How to counter Sparky + Wizard Deck Combo

  1. Zap and Barbarians / Mini Pekka: Zap makes Sparky recharge all over again (5 seconds of free damage). You wait for Sparky and Wizard to be in front of the bridge, zap them, and then drop Barbarians in all 4 corners or a Mini Pekka. Don’t be scared if your opponent put a Wizard behind, Barbarians will kill Sparky.
  2. Waste sparky’s charge: You can waste sparky’s charge with 1 elixir skeletons and then kill sparky with other troops.
  3. Skeleton army/Minion Horde: This only works if your opponent don’t have a wizard.
  4. Shields: Waste Sparky’s Charge with Dark Prince or Guards.
  5. Rocket + zap/arrows: This isn’t effective because you are wasting 8 or 9 elixir to kill 6.
  6. Freeze: You can freeze sparky and then kill it with Goblins, Skeletons.
  7. The Inferno Tower is also a good match against Sparky. Its attack intensifies over time as it concentrates in a single target.

How to deal with Sparky + Mirror?

Zap + Mirror + Goblins + Skeletons: When Sparky is on your side use Skeletons to use up her blast, then drop Goblins to take her down. When Sparky charges up, zap her, and if she is not dead yet, zap her again to stop 2 Charges.

How to survive against RG + Sparky

First, you should drop Barbarians on RG, which will make Sparky aim at Barbarians. Afterward you should place Mini Pekka right onto Sparky to change her target and kill her within 2 hits, allowing Barbarians to survive. Now you should have enough elixir to assist the counter push along with Barbarians + Mini Pekka.

This video will show you not only the best card to counter Sparky but also some ways to drop them effectively – By Ash hope you enjoyed Counter Sparky Guide and don’t forget to share awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

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