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Counter Royal Giant – No Big Deal

The Royal Giant really is not that OP! You can counter RG with Pekka, Inferno, Cannon or Barbarians + Fireball. The most important is the ability to place your defense building on time and right position. hope you enjoyed Counter Guide and don’t forget to share awesome counter guide with your friends! You rock!

Royal Giant had hidden into shadow for a long period of time, yet since the May 3 patch, he has made an impressive comeback with his improved attack range which can easily take down defensive towers without losing HP. He now has .5 higher range compared to Musketeer, while attacking faster but moving slower than her.

It is undeniable that fighting against a ranged monster being able to deal damage to towers without taking damage is annoying as fuck, as elixir must be spent consecutively to take down the Royal Giant.

Hence, I will give you some useful tips to counter Royal Giant effectively

1. Prepare Your Elixir

Once Royal Giant is deployed, just make sure to spend elixir reasonably and save some to counter with appropriate cards.

2. Placement

Position of building cards is of great importance to take down Royal Giant. Too far to him and your effort will be useless, or too close and you will be crushed quickly by opponent’s troops. The best way to utilize building cards is to distract Royal Giant from attacking Towers.

Tip: If Royal Giant has started attacking Tower and you just deploy your buildings right after, Zap it immediately and he will change main target, attacking closest one instead.

Keep in mind that there are some building cards that aren’t ideal against Royal Giant. Tesla and Mortar are the worst as of its low health, low damage and short range.

3. Proper timing and Patience

This will decide whether your skills are good or not. Timing is the most critical thing in Clash Royale and best players always know when to attack or counter attack effectively. Look at the deployed position of Royal Giant to decide your next move. If he place it behind Arena Tower, backup army behind him is a must, so there’s no need to attack them. It would be better to be patient (especially when you lack of elixir) and see what kind of troops are, so you can easily counter them with your cards.

4. Preparing the right cards in your deck

Just remember to put counter cards on your deck before finding match. There’s no way to tackle with him if you are not prepared.

Inferno Tower

[Updated] Inferno Tower’ damage charge can now be interrupted by Zap. Not a very good counter anymore.

Within a few hits, Inferno Tower can eliminate a Royal Giant in few seconds. This powerful anti-tank building is cheaper than a Royal Giant and can survive longer.

One thing you should always avoid when using Inferno Tower is attacking wrong targets. You can only take advantage if the Inferno Tower’s main target is Royal Giant, or else your spent elixir will be useless.

So somebody would ask me how can they avoid that situation. From my experience, adding Zap to the combo is a viable option. Sometimes splashing damage units like Valkyrie, Wizard or Bomb Skeleton is fine enough in case Zap is not available. They will help to clear units to ensure that Inferno Tower can hit Royal Giant at its maximum potential.


After nerfs from Supercell, Cannon is still viable in player’s deck. The point is, its 3 elixir cost is too cheap for a defensive options against aggressive troops like Hog Riders and Royal Giant.

However, unlike Inferno Tower, Cannon is not an ideal counter against Royal Giant. Good position is required for this unit, or else the distance between them would be too far for Cannon to hit properly.

One of the effective combos against Royal Giant is to use Cannon with Skeletons, Minions or Goblins. These low-cost troops will bring down the Giant when he focuses on Cannon.

Tip: Zap is a powerful spell against this strategy as it will wipe your army in 1-hit, thus you should deployed them not too close to each other.

Counter RG + Princess by Cannon and Poison

Mini Pekka

This tiny troop can bring down a large proportion of Giant’s health in a few hits with 2 elixir cheaper than him.

Keep in mind that putting Mini Pekka too far from the Royal Giant will result in being distracted by other units around him. Mini Pekka attack speed is horrible, so it will be a disaster if he has to face against horde of units.

Mini Pekka and Cannon to deal with Royale Giant

Cannon Mini Pekka Zap


Here’s one of the best troops in-game. Their above-average health and high damage output allow them to take down a single target in a blink of an eye, resulting in a strong counter to Giants in general. The elixir cost is 1 elixir cheaper than the Royal Giant, enable the ability to summon follow up troops behind Barbarians after killing the Royal Giant. Destroying Arena Tower is just a matter of time if your opponent does not have the right card to defend their buildings.

Barbarians and Fireball destroy RG easily

Minion Horde

One of the fastest killing machine in-game, easy to take down anything within a second. The only counter to this annoying army is Arrows card, which is 2 elixir cheaper. Furthermore, a high level Zap can have an instant kill against low level Minion Horde.

You may test out this strategy and hope your enemy didn’t prepare Arrow card in their deck. If so, no mercy!

Skeleton Army

Despite being squishier than Minion Horde which make them become preys to splash damage troops, this card is pretty good against Royal Giant. However, I still recommend Minion Horde as they can deal damage to flying units as well. Of course it’s your choice, just be sure to choose wisely.

Nevertheless, this card can be easily countered by a single Arrows or Zap, so hardly can we find it in any decks right now.


Sometimes only cheap troops are available and your enemy deployed Giant near your ground to attack your tower. Don’t hesitate to deploy these troops, as losing units is not as critical as losing hp on building. Remember to check the next card and plan your defense/counter strategy.


These are your last option against high level Royal Giant, usually pairing with Witch or Three Musketeers. If Royal Giant is deployed behind his Arena Tower, be patient and wait their backup troops to plan your defence. Always prepare yourself to counter attack by using Rocket or Freeze spell + splash damage troops.

Tip 1: Targeting a moving unit with Rocket is very tricky. Its AOE is rather small but very powerful. The trick here is to wait for them to reach the bridge where they gather together in small AOE. Afterward, it is simple: Launch Rocket and see them turn into ashes.

Nevertheless, a single Rocket cannot take care of Royal Giant, thus deploying Goblin or Skeleton to support killing him is a must!

Tip: Freeze is an easier spell to use compared to Rocket, though you have to spend more elixir summoning splash damaging troops to kill Royal Giant (Ex: Valkyrie, Bomb Skeleton or Wizard). This option is most preferable by players with Elixir Collector card in their decks.

Thank you very much for reading this counter Royale Giant guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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