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How To Counter Pekka Double Prince Combo With Cycle Deck

I just got to Arena 7 and the new meta Pekka Double Princes combo deck just blew me out of the water, any tips on how to counter them?

Overview: With recent buffs to both Pekka and Prince damage, a Pekka as well as a charged Prince is able to kill Barbarians in 1 hit, thus becoming more frequently used. A Dark Prince plus a Pekka is insanely unstoppable if you do not have the right cards and strategies, as they synergize very well together. The best way to counter this deadly combo is to use cycle deck. Since PPP decks are not counter-push deck, Miner / Hog / RG CYCLE would work. For CYCLE deck, it’s not about big pushes. It’s about defending with cheap units for the elixer advantage then doing chip damage with Hog/ RG (usually solo, not to take out a tower in one shot with the perfect push).

Counter cards to Pekka Double Prince combo

Small, cheap troop is a must for a cycle deck, including Skeletons, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, Minions, Archers. These units allow you to lure big targets and take them down without losing too much HP, while gaining elixir advantage to counter push your enemy, as his combo requires at least 12 elixir to deploy.

Another shining candidate here is Inferno and Tesla which can deal heavy damage to single targets like Pekka and Double Prince.

Pekka Double Prince counter tips

#1. Pushing hard

Once you know what they are, you need to apply all the pressure you can. The Pekka Double prince deck are not based on counter-push so you can afford being at 1-2 elixer after your main push (Spear Goblins for example). Whenever he places a Pump, you should immediately push hard to force him spend elixir defending and stop him performing his combo. If you keep enough pressure, Clash Royale PPP deck 16 elixir cost will never be able to execute the full combo.

#2. Separate them

Against this heavy deck, it is very important to separate whenever you can or take care of splasher before dealing with main guy. Use Spear Goblins + Skeletons to deal with Pekka + Prince. Zap and Minions to kill Dark Prince. Drop Skeletons/Goblins far from Dark Prince to distract. One considerable thing about low cost units that they are easily countered by SPELLS and SPLASH UNITS, so you have to spread them out and know if your opponent have any spells. You should read more about How to Split Troops in Clash Royale!

Remember that dropping a tank the Dark Prince and Prince if you need is never a problem and will seal a game if your winning and there isn’t much time left.

#3. Rushing other line

You can consider split pushing the other lane when your opponent drop Pekka + Prince. Only rush other side if you know you can take them down in attacked line with lowest damage onto your tower. If you rush other site and let this combo alone, he could win 3 crows. You need to know what you can and can’t. Read more about Double Lane Pressure Strategy

Some videos to help you acknowledge this strategy

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