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Counter Strategies to the insane Lava Hound deck

Lava Hound is one of the earliest unlocked legendary cards in game, thus you may encounter him a lot in Arena 4 and 5. This guide will illustrate how to counter Lava Hound one the the deadliest combo top players are using now.

Cards to counter:

  • Building: Inferno, Tesla, Cannon
  • Air Unit: Baby Dragon, Minion Horde, Minions
  • Air Target Troops: Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Ice Wizard
  • Spell: Zap, Fireball, Freeze, Poison

Ways to beat Lavaloon Deck

A Lava Hound + Balloons deck can be trifecta to anyone. Elixir Collector is a must for this deck since it relies heavily on elixir resources. During the last minute countdown and Sudden Death period, this combo is extremely dangerous due to the faster elixir regeneration rate.

Tip 1: Using a building to defend, such as Cannon or Inferno Tower. Freeze spell is also a viable option against this deck. Lava Hound can be lured by a Cannon away from Arena tower, allowing you to focus on Balloon first. Minion Horde and Musketeer are best cards to counter this deck.

Tip 2: Your opponent will be left vulnerable after pushing attempt, as he has already run out of elixir. Plan your next counter attack to make use of your elixir advantage.

How to deal with Lava Hound + Baby Dragon combo

It is no doubt that the best cards to counter this Air deck are Inferno Tower and Arrows. An Inferno tower can focus on an alone Lava Hound to kill him. After being destroyed, he will split into Lava Pups which can eliminate Inferno tower easily. Use your Arrows to kill the Lava Pups and allow Inferno Tower to focus on Baby Dragon

In case you do not have Inferno tower on hand, Cannon is your alternative to attract enemy’s Lava Hound. Afterward, drop Musketeer to shoot Lava Hound to death. Watch out for the place spot of Musketeer since your opponent can use spell to eliminate her immediately. Deploy them far from each other to ensure maximum potential of defence.

Lava Hound + Wizard + Mini Pekka + Goblins

This deck counters Minion Hordes because of the Wizard. You can rely on your Inferno Tower to deal with the Lava Hound, instead. However, if he placed it with Goblins and Mini Pekka, your Inferno Tower can go down easily.

Your Inferno Tower can deal with Lava Hound, yet it is nothing more than a paper against their Goblins and Mini Pekka.

Proper placement of Musketeer is important as we need her to focus on Wizard instead of Lava Hound himself. However, if it is accompanied by a Mini Pekka, don’t place your Musketeer open from the Mini Pekka’s attack. Lava Hound should be left alone until we have cleared its backup troops.

Valkyrie is an amazing counter against Wizard and swarm troops, as well as a distraction against Mini Pekka. A Fireball to kill Wizard is also considerable.

Live battle videos of Lava Hound deck counter

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