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Effective strategies to deal with Spawner Decks

How to counter spawner decks? I always struggle against those Hut Spammers, and don’t know how to beat them. Any effective strategies?

The best way to counter a Hut Deck or any other common decks is to build a balance deck for yourself in order to help you counter Hut Deck as well as to win against many other combos.

A balance deck usually contains 1 building, 1 to 2 spells, 2 to 3 AoE units. Lacking any of these 3 elements will make you lose against Spawner Deck.

This guide will not only mention some Hut Deck counter cards, but also add 5 video guides as well as 5 Decks respectively. hope you enjoyed Counter Hut Decks Guide and don’t forget to share awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

How to deal with Spawners and Huts

1. Hard push the other lane

Try to push the other lane when your opponent deploy his spawners. Drop single target troop/building target troop against spawners is a bad idea, since they can easily hunt it down, regrouping to counter push you. The best one to counter is Baby Dragon, as it can deal splash damage to clear all swarm troops and lower Barbarian’s HP down to critical level to allow tower to take them down. Arrows can take out the Gobs, but the Barbarians will be a problem.

If you follow this strategy, they will be forced to defend your push while being at severe elixir disadvantage, and their spawners can only do minor damage to tower. The weakness of Hut Deck is that, if you make an instant attack, they will be more likely to be surprised and unable to defend. Use any combos and AoE cards you have, and you will have big advantage.

2. Use spells

Poison, Fireball and Lightning are 3 best spell against spawners and huts deck. They will grant you elixir advantage once using them on enemy’s building. Make sure that you can place them on at least 2 buildings.

3. Use AoE Units

Spawner decks are prey to AoE damage. One of the best card you have is Bomber, since he is cheap, easy to upgrade, and can deal moderate damage to troops as well as buildings. He can maximise his potential if he is dropped behind Knights, Barbarians, Valkyrie or Tanker.

4. Use building

Bomber tower – The best clash royale building against spawn decks, and also has the highest hp of any building in-game. In case you are not fond of using building, try using Lightning/Poison spell, which can deal damage to both Tower and Troops.

Which decks should you choose to counter?

Arena 5 Giant Wizard and Elixir Collector to counter hut spawn deck

Thank you very much for reading this counter hut deck guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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